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Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards

Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards Winery is managed and operated by Todd Anderson and his wife, Ronene. Both of whom share an immense appreciation for fine wines and their creation.

Todd's passion and expertise for producing world-class cabs and bordeaux-style blends, however, did not come overnight. Since 1984, when he began staking-out the vineyard's trellis system with his father, Gus Anderson, Todd has been involved with every phase of planting, growing, harvesting and crushing their estate grown grapes as well as vinification - the transformation of grapes into wine.
The Anderson Winery staff also includes chief vintner, Mac Sawyer, who was recruited to spend a year in France mastering the fine art of wine making at the Superior School at Montpellier. He studied the Bordeaux, Provence and Alsation wine making styles and is the second American to ever attend this school.
Mac's assistant, Cuko, continually tests and re-racks vintages so only the finest barrels of our wine are bottled. Traci, the office manager, keeps shipments moving and the office running like a Swiss watch. During the fall harvest, dozens of part-time laborers pick the grapes while Miguel and Cuko help Todd and Mac to crush the harvest and to process tons of grapes into juice.

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