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Just for information, the Molitor web page for (I believe white wines) describes capsule colors, which are not specific to quality but to style. White capsules are for Trocken wines and should be so labeled; the Green capsules are feinherb or semi-dry wines, and the Gold capsules are for sweet/botrytis wines. Again, there is NO implications for quality. I notice that Molitor also uses star designations, and perhaps that has quality implications. I'd suggest that all white capsule wines from 2013 be listed as Trocken, and all Gold Capsules be listed as dessert or sweet wines. Much of information on labels are not on the 'main' label and so this is hard to justify from that label, but is true nonetheless.

From jht note via David Schildknecht comment on 2011 wines (worth reading in its own right): impossible to guess residual sugar (trocken, halbtrocken, and so forth) from the bottle, capsule, label: to me seems that Markus Molitor has such huge impact in the cellar and vineyard that the wines are more to be identified as his rather than as a given predetermined style.) Molitor seems to be making a run to be one of the great winemakers of Germany, and certainly one of the greatest on the Mittelmosel, if critics can be believed. I'm sadly deficient in tasting these wines since at least 10 years back at the estate, which was well before the current cellar and its equipage was installed or perhaps even ordered. One certainly can't ignore this new development, even with the 'accidental' addition of a new fuder or two's worth of Riesling to some batches. I'd guess that this makes for a preference for light skin pressing and soaks for these wines; just a guess. Not all GKs are botrytis wines, however; some just very carefully mulitple-trie late harvest with the Edelfaule against-selected.

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