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outhern Styria is a traditional production area which enjoys excellent growing conditions, especially for white grapes. For this reason, 95% of the vineyard area at our Estate is devoted to white varieties and 5% to red wine grapes (Blauer Zweigelt). The Tement Estate lies on a narrow plateau, into which the slope of the Zieregg cru gently flattens. The Tements aim to make two basic styles of wine at the Estate, of which the majority belongs to the category known as "Steirische Klassik" ("Styrian Classics"). This group also includes their new wine, Temento, which has become very popular thanks to its delicately aromatic character. The Temento is a cuvée of Welschriesling and Sauvignon Blanc. "Tement’s expansion has not stopped at the Slovenian border, and in 2006 he acquired the neighboring holdings of the Carmelites – where his father long worked as winemaker – and since replanted their 90 year old patchwork of vine varieties to insure more Zieregg Sauvignon for the future. Tement has begun using glass stoppers on his wines in lieu of corks. Given the extent of his offerings and given that I travel to Styria only every other year, I cannot pretend to have tasted Tement’s entire 2005 and 2006 collections, but only the subset (perhaps half) that he chose to show me in the time we had available. Tement is modifying his approach with Sauvignon – especially in the top sites – having decided that lower yields and the consequent ability to harvest somewhat earlier are more advantageous (not to mention less risky) than the long hang time he has traditionally practiced with this variety." - David Schildknecht, The Wine Advocate

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