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Besserat de Bellefon was founded in 1843 in Ay by Edouard Besserat. A native of Hautvillers, he applied his craftsmanship and skill to creating wines which he distributed to leading hotels, restaurants and purveyors of fine wines.

Following Edouard the family continued his legacy. His grandsons Victor and Edmond inherited his passion for perfection and his sense of excellence and high standards. One was an unrivalled winemaker, the other an outstanding wine taster and they worked tirelessly and in complete harmony to increase the renown and image of their House.

1930 marked a historic turning point for Besserat de Bellefon with the creation of a lightly sparkling champagne that could be drunk throughout a meal. This was the birth of the range known today as Cuvée des Moines (Cuvee of the Monks).

Besserat de Bellefon Cuvée des Moines presents the perfect champagne for any food focused outlet. Its softer style and lower pressure produce a style that is more akin to a fine white Burgundy with bubbles than regular champagnes.

In 1930 the owner of Parisian restaurant “La Samaritaine de Luxe” challenged Victor Besserat to make a champagne that could be served with its food, right throughout a meal.

“Make me a champagne light enough to accompany any meal and i’ll be ordering 1000 bottles instead of 100 ...”

The Director of the restaurant la Samaritaine de Luxe writing to Victor Besserat in 1930

Victor created the Besserat de Bellefon Cuvees des Moines and won the business.

Made in the crémant style to a lower pressure with lower dosage to produce a wine with tiny bubbles, a very fine mousse and a creamier texture than other fizzes. Cremant Champagne creates a fresher taste and softer mouth feel with a delicate foam in the mouth which ends with a lingering aftertaste.

A charming house based in Epernay and owned by the Lanson BCC family of producers.

It is led by the indefatigueable Godefroy Baijot, who is the Global Export Manager, and talented winemaker Cedric Thiebault. The most distinctive asset to this house is that all of their wines are made using low bar pressure. For those of you who may not have come across this, most champagne is made at 6 bar of pressure where as Besserat make it at 4.5 bar. How does this make the wines different? The good news is that there aren't any less bubbles, instead, the approach of the bubble on the palate is more delicate which makes them especially suited to pairing with food. In fact the house has made their wines to be more gastronomic in their approach.

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