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WineDoctor discussion: Regarded by many as the nation's greatest winemaker, Alois Kracher is a name to be reckoned with on the Austrian wine scene
The KrachersAlois Kracher(1959-2007): the Visionary They are not a typical family. This small, tightly woven and dedicated team is strongly rooted in Illmitz, at Austria´s Neusiedlersee - Lake Neusiedl -yet also is widely connected internationally. Gerhard Kracher is the young, highly energetic head of the wine estate, which he took over at full speed following the premature death of his father, Alois Kracher Jr. And Michaela Kracher, Gerhard's mother, keeps a close eye on the entire operation, even on the most hectic of days.

The wines from the Weinlaubenhof have long been in a class of their own. Practically no other sweet wines have reached such a high level of recognition worldwide, and only a few have come close to the high ratings Kracher wines continuously receive. Around the world, Kracher has become the synonym for noble sweet wines of ultimate perfection.

The Director: Gerhard Kracher, Vintage 1981
Whoever acquires such an inheritance must inevitably unite numerous and often adverse factors and characteristics. Since 2007, Gerhard Kracher has been running the winery that his grandfather founded and his father made famous around the world.

Although Gerhard is young, he is also highly experienced in the cellar and vineyards. He’s an authentic “Burgenländer”, devoted to the Seewinkel while open to the world - a globetrotter who likes Californian cuisine and the way of life in the south of France. While he knows exactly what he owes to the tradition of his house, he also never stops looking to the future, searching for new ideas, being curious about new trends and innovations.

Gerhard Kracher acquired a business management education and since 2001 has been working full-time in the family operation. Step by step, he took over the responsibility of the individual markets, began representing the winery at international events and gained important experience from distribution partners in the USA.

The Mother: Michaela Kracher, Vintage 1961
She pulls all of the strings. Not only does she manage the winery´s over-flowing business calendar, but she also coordinates the orders and exports of Kracher wines as well as ensures that the winery runs smoothly.

The Father: Alois Kracher Jr. 1959 - 2007
"Luis" was one of the great visionaries of wine-growing. Not only did he spearhead the “Austrian wine miracle” in the 1990s, but he was also the engine for the worldwide sweet wine renaissance. The entire wine world mourned when Luis, long before his time, passed away in 2007. Educated as a chemist, he was nearly 30 years old by the time he joined his father´s winery after years of working in the pharmaceutical sector. But it wasn´t long before he created a new dessert wine style demonstrating that fruit, finesse and balance are more important than sweetness alone.

Alois Kracher created an international sensation for the first time with his 1991 vintage wines, and soon after, his name became – especially in America - a synonym for cult sweet wines. Year after year, the international wine media celebrated his Beerenauslesen and Trockenbeerenauslesen. But this was not enough for Luis. With an indefatigable quest for innovation, he always found new products that would feature his noble sweet wines as a key ingredient - from blue cheese, grape jelly and chocolate to pomace brandy and vinegar. Moreover, he established friendships between China and California and travelled the world as an ambassador for Austria´s delicious delights. More …

The Grandfather: Alois Kracher Sr., 1928 - 2010
The grandfather was, in his own way, a pioneer as well. Alois Sr. saw the potential of the region much earlier than most others. And he produced great sweet wines from noble rotten grapes in the Seewinkel long before everyone else began to discover them.
Alois Sr. truly loved his vineyards. Even in his later years, he spent a great deal of his time outside - going through the rows of the vines. He knew every vine by heart, and observed each one carefully; he knew what each parcel required - and demanded. And his profound knowledge is still drawn on today by the generations who have followed him.

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