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Cantina di Colognola ai Colli is part of the Collis – Veneto Wine Group – Società Cooperativa Agricola Consortile ( website)

Producer: Roberto Sarotto

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Producer website
Robero Sarotto estates is a family run company.

Producer: Weingut Kirsten

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Producer: Summerfield

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Producer: Château Dudon

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Producer: Kimbarra

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Kimbarra Wines, nestled in the rolling hills of the Grampians, is a family passion that promises to uphold the 100 year plus tradition of producing elegant wines from Great Western in Western Victoria, Australia.
With a passion for wine, the Leeke family, father Eric together with sons Jim, Peter and David, set to in 1978 and planted the first vines in a corner paddock on their fine wool property using Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon root stocks. Both varieties have been consistent award winners with the Riesling picking up a number of gold medals

In 1953 when Eric and Dorothy Leeke purchased land to the North West of Ararat their intention was to build a family home, put down roots and create a semi-rural environment in which they could raise their three sons.
Already a successful entrepreneur, Eric’s business interests extended from house building to petroleum distribution and from wool farming to motels, however it was his ever growing passion for wine, Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling in particular, that prompted him to establish a small vineyard on the property. Under the watchful eye of Colin Preece, the then winemaker at Seppelt Winery and stickler for detail Eric set to work. It may well have been Eric’s land and his money, but Colin was the boss, he had the experience and the expertise and insisted that the job was done his way or not at all. His dictum has paid hansom dividends. Ever since Eric and “the boys” first planted Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon vines in 1977, his sons Jim, Peter and David have successfully striven to improve the quality of their fruit year on year.
The Leeke brothers have now been joined by Peter's daughter Victoria, who completed Bachelor of Science (Viticulture) & Bachelor of Business (Finance) in 2005 and has spent the last four years working in the wine industry across southern Australia. Victoria shares the family's passion for wine and hopes to pass on a dynamic vineyard to the fourth generation.

Our Winemaker

Whilst Eric Leeke and his sons were still clearing their recently acquired acreage in Victoria, Master McKenzie was living with his parents on the family fruit growing property at Barmera in South Australia’s Riverland and attending the local high school.
Ian had mapped out before him the intention of going to university. Joining the world of wine was not part of his overall plan for life, but when the nearby Berri Co-operative winery and distillery sent a message to the school offering a post as a trainee winemaker he decided to apply and was given the job. So began his distinguished passage from apprentice at the Berri facility to head winemaker with Southcorp at Seppelt, Great Western.
His experience has encompassed judging at national and international wine shows, especially during the very formative era of the 1970’s and 1980’s along with such icons of the industry as Len Evans and Viv Thomson. He still consults for a number of high profile wineries both in Australia, South Africa and Chile and ensures that whilst drawing upon his reserves gained over the last forty odd years he keeps abreast of the ever changing practices in this dynamic environment by attending seminars, networking and reading widely.
Kimbarra Wines are lucky to have the services of Ian McKenzie and hope that it will continue for many years to come, his knowledge of the industry, breadth of experience and finesse of palate are such as can only be gained from a lifetime of exposure to the very best that the wine industry has to offer.

Producer: Delmas

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Delmas believes that terroir is a partnership between the winegrower and place. We embrace the advantage of SJR Vineyard's own-rooted vines, which are more sensitive/expressive of the terroir. Delmas produces small lots of estate wines from a single vineyard; showcasing distinctive qualities of that place and nowhere else.

Producer website

Producer: Santi Nobile

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Santi Nobile website

Santi Nobile is part of the Provinco group.

Producer: Caseletti

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Producer website
This winery is a project of Lorusso Michele S.A.S, also known as producer in CT.

Producer: O'Shaughnessy

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Producer: Ulupalakua

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Producer: Trapiche

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Producer: Rosecreek

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Producer: Pardevalles

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Producer: Eleven Eleven

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Producer: Schiopetto

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Producer: Tenute Sella

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Producer: Jacques Selosse

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Jacques Selosse is a Champagne grower and producer based in the Avize region of Champagne.

The estate was founded by Jacques Selosse and his family in the 1950s, with the first vintage being bottled in 1960.
The current proprietor of this estate is Anselme Selosse who took over from his father Jacques in 1980. Anselme studied at the Lycée viticole de Beaune and was one of the first winemakers to apply the winemaking techniques of white Burgundy to Champagne. In 1994 Anselme was named best French Winemaker by Gault Millau.


Jacques Selosse is a Grower Champagne, which means the grapes used to produce the wines are grown in vineyards owned by the winery rather than being purchased from other growers, as is the case in most Champagne production. The entire production is grown according to biodynamic principles and Anselme is considered a pioneer of biodynamics in Champagne. Selosse wines are fermented using oak barrels, in contrast to the majority of Champagne producers who use stainless steel tanks.
Two of the wines in Selosse's range, the Substance and the Contraste, are produced using a solera system, the same process used in Sherry production.
Selosse holds 37 acres (15 ha) of vines, predominantly Chardonnay with the remainder Pinot Noir.nAround 55,000 bottles are produced each vintage, dependent on conditions.


Initial is a blend of three vintages of Chardonnay grapes, aged for at least 2 years before disgorgement in a Brut style.
Version Originale is also a blend of three vintages of Chardonnay, but it spends 42 months in bottle before disgorgment and has very little dosage resulting in an Extra Brut style.
Millésime is a single vintage Blanc de blancs made from the grapes of two vineyards in Avize, Le Mont de Cramant and Les Chantereines.
Substance is a Blanc de Blancs from a single vineyard in Avize. This Champagne is made in a solera system with the base grapes for this wine coming from the 1986 vintage, the blend is topped up with more recent vintages each year.
Contraste is a Blanc de noirs, made from Pinot Noir grapes, coming from a single vineyard called La Côte Faron in the village of Aÿ. Like the Substance cuvee, this is made in a solera style. The base grapes in this wine are from the 1994 vintage.
Exquise is a Demi-Sec wine, with around 24g/l of dosage making this a semi-sweet style. Made entirely from Chardonnay grapes as a Blanc de blancs.
Rosé is produced using Chardonnay grapes from Selosse and Pinot Noir grapes from Egly-Ouriet in Ambonnay.

Producer: Domaine Guion

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Producer website

Producer: Viña Herminia

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Producer: Markus Molitor

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Producer website

An extract from this website, as of 2013:

Just for information, the Molitor web page for (I believe white wines) describes capsule colors, which are not specific to quality but to style. White capsules are for Trocken wines and should be so labeled; the Green capsules are feinherb or semi-dry wines, and the Gold capsules are for sweet/botrytis wines. Again, there is NO implications for quality. I notice that Molitor also uses star designations, and perhaps that has quality implications. I'd suggest that all white capsule wines from 2013 be listed as Trocken, and all Gold Capsules be listed as dessert or sweet wines. Much of information on labels are not on the 'main' label and so this is hard to justify from that label, but is true nonetheless.

From jht note via David Schildknecht comment on 2011 wines (worth reading in its own right): impossible to guess residual sugar (trocken, halbtrocken, and so forth) from the bottle, capsule, label: to me seems that Markus Molitor has such huge impact in the cellar and vineyard that the wines are more to be identified as his rather than as a given predetermined style.) Molitor seems to be making a run to be one of the great winemakers of Germany, and certainly one of the greatest on the Mittelmosel, if critics can be believed. I'm sadly deficient in tasting these wines since at least 10 years back at the estate, which was well before the current cellar and its equipage was installed or perhaps even ordered. One certainly can't ignore this new development, even with the 'accidental' addition of a new fuder or two's worth of Riesling to some batches. I'd guess that this makes for a preference for light skin pressing and soaks for these wines; just a guess. Not all GKs are botrytis wines, however; some just very carefully mulitple-trie late harvest with the Edelfaule against-selected.

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Producer: Domaine Netofa

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Producer: Abreu

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Producer website

Abreu Vineyards is of famed vineyard manager David Abreu. Mr. Abreu’s farming skills are in extremely high demand, and he oversees many of the Napa Valley’s most prestigious vineyard properties.

Region: Napa Valley
Sub Region: St Helena

David Abreu and his winemaker, Brad Grimes produce four single vineyard red wines under Abreu Vineyards company. The labels are; Madrona Ranch, Cappella, Thorevilos, and Las Posadas. There is a fifth wine which is a blend of all four properties called, Rothwell Hyde. Wines are available for purchase though their direct mailing list only.

This is a highly sought after label that is owned by vineyard manager-extraordinaire David Abreu, also known as, “the grower to the stars.” He has farmed for many illustrious estates including current and past clients such as; Colgin, Staglin, Bryant, Kenzo, Sloan, Marciano, Harlan Estate, and Screaming Eagle.

David Abreu, a third-generation rancher from St. Helena, founded Abreu Vineyards in 1980 after working briefly at Caymus Vineyards. That year he formed David Abreu Vineyard Management, working with pioneering winemaker Richard Forman to manage ranching operations at Inglenook Winery.

Abreu and Forman became friends and traveled frequently to Bordeaux, where they observed French winemaking operations. They brought back French rootstock, trellis designs, and Bordelais planting and farming techniques.[1]

Abreu's fame spread as more wineries hired David Abreu Vineyard Management company to plant and manage ranching operations. By 1999 he was considered the premier viticulturist for premium grapes in Napa Valley.[2] Abreu's company has raised grapes for some of the most respected wineries in Napa and Sonoma Valleys including Blankiet Estate, Acacia Vineyard, Staglin Family Vineyards, Jones Family Vineyards, Bressler Vineyards, Colgin Cellars, Pahlmeyer Vineyard, Sloan Estate, Bryant Family Vineyard, Fisher Vineyards, Oakford Vineyards, Araujo Estate Wines, Grace Family Vineyard, Viader Vineyards, and Harlan estate, among others.

In 1998 eminent wine critic Robert M. Parker, Jr. included Abreu in his list of the "most influential wine personalities of the last 20 years."[3] In 2006 Abreu was hired to replant the Screaming Eagle Winery vineyards.[4]

The wines
Abreu Vineyards concentrates exclusively on estate-grown cabernet sauvignon blends. Robert Parker gave the 1997 Madrona Ranch cabernet perfect 100-point score, one of only 140 wines in the world to receive the honor.[5] In the "Judgment of Sauternes," in October, 2006 the 1997 cabernet was judged the #1 wine in the world by the Grand Jury Européen.[6]
In the late 1990s Abreu and Forman jointly purchased and planted the 20-acre Thorevilos Vineyard. They released Abreu's first cabernet from that vineyard in 2000.[7]
Distribution is extremely limited, although a number of online wine sellers do advertise Abreu wines at $100 to $600 or more per bottle. Production was 500 cases in 1999.
^ Forman (2000). Launching Bordeaux-Style Wines in the Napa Valley:. University of California, Berkeley, Regional Oral History Office, pp.106-109.
^ Forman, 2000, p. 37
^ Parker, Robert. "The most influential wine personalities of the last 20 years", The Wine Advocate, December 23, 1998.
^ Murphy, Linda. "Worth its weight in gold? Why some people happily pay $500 for a bottle of wine", San Francisco Chronicle, August 3, 2006.
^ Robert Parker's 100 Point Wines. Wine-Searcher (May, 2005). Retrieved on January 27, 2007.
^ Anson, Jane. "California in pole position yet again",, October 24, 2006. Retrieved on January 27, 2007.
^ Foreman, 2000, pp. 124-125

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Champagne Leroy FM
Pere et Fils
11 RD 660 La Grange au Rez
10300 Montgueux

tel 03 258091

There is a small shop with a collection of local products on the RD 660.

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Producer: Fashion Estates

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Producer: Jean Sambardier

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Producer: Valturio

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Producer: San Simeon

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Producer: Sixteen 600

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Producer Website Producer Website

Producer: H J Jost

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Producer: Alvaro Palacios

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Producer: Rimapere

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