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Producer: Fuchs Jacobus

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Eco winery that cultivates about 15 ha on the steep-sloped "Schweppenhäuser Steyerberg".
Pinot Gris, -Blanc and -Noir, as well as Rivaner, Riesling and Gewürztraminer.

Weingut Fuchs-Jacobus
Hof Steyert
55444 Schweppenhausen
Germany / Nahe

Producer: Anim Wines

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Max and Siobhan met at the Gnadenberg Church on the Hill of Grace.
Wine, it would seem, was in their future.
They galavanted around the globe, making wine in NZ, France, Germany and Oregon.
On return to their roots in Australia, they settled in Tasmania.

Anim is their small, family project, named after their three daughters.
Its aim is to highlight unique sites and special parcels from southern Tasmania.
To do so, they are intimately involved with the vineyards they select.
The wines are made in tiny volumes, primarily allocated to mailing list.

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Producer: Samuel Tinon

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Producer: Lhéraud

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Tolpuddle Vineyard took its name from the Tolpuddle Martyrs: English convicts transported to Tasmania for forming an agricultural union. The leader of the Martyrs, George Loveless, served some of his sentence working on a property near Richmond, part of which is now Tolpuddle Vineyard. Located about 20 minutes drive from Hobart, in Tasmania’s south-east, the Coal River Valley has established a reputation for growing exceptional quality grapes. With a climate that is at the cool extremes for viticulture in Australia, it is no surprise that Chardonnay and Pinot Noir perform so splendidly. And yet the rainfall is significantly lower than many of Australia ‘s other cool climate regions with an average of approximately 500mm of rain per year. This cool but relatively dry climate allows the grapes to ripen slowly in autumn without disease pressure that heavy rainfall can bring.

Established in 1988 by local farmers the Casimaty family joined forces with two of Australia’s foremost wine business trailblazers Garry Crittenden and Tony Jordan to plant a vineyard to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Purchased in 2011 by leading producers Martin Shaw and Michael Hill Smith who say they never set out to purchase a vineyard in Tasmania but upon seeing the site were immediately impressed by it ‘s near perfect growing conditions. “Buying a 20 year old vineyard in a location like this and this well set up it just isn’t the kind of thing that comes along very often.” says Hill Smith. “Tasmania is a remarkable place to grow grapes …climate is cool and dry – ideal conditions to grow Chardonnay and Pinot Noir of exceptional quality. We believe Tolpuddle will be a great Australian single vineyard.”

Producer: Gildengorin

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Producer: Bodegas Nekeas

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Producer: Le Paradou

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Producer: Lucien Albrecht

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Producer: Hine

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Producer: Moosmann

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Winery located about 10 km north-east of Freiburg, in a small village where the Elz-valley meets the Rhine-lowlands.

Weingut Moosmann
Schwarzwaldstraße 78
79183 Waldkirch-Buchholz
Baden / Germany

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Producer: Clos Figueras

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Producer: Domaine Boehler

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Producer: Aborigen

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Producer: Bodegas Breca

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Producer: Finca Las Moras

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This winery is located in Tullum valley in San Juan at 630 mts high.

Finca Las Moras is a pioneer winery dedicated to the elaboration of high-quality wines in San Juan since the restructuring of the vineyards in 1993 by Richard Smart. The vineyards are surrounded by mulberry trees and therefore the name to the winery. San Juan focused in Shiraz and Malbec together with Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc is the new frontier for the production of fine wines in Argentina. The San Juan River is a vital source of irrigation in this region providing with pure melting snow water from the Andes to the Atlantic to give rise to Zonda and Tulum Valley unlike the Pedernal Valley – considered today as the valley by excellence for growing the highest-quality grapes – rise by glacier movements. Bright sunshine and extremely dry weather makes the valleys optimum for organically grown grapes. Finca Las Moras with more than 1.100 hectares of vineyards planted at the different valleys, is focused in sustainability, continue innovation and micro regions exploration culture contributing with complexity and elegance that impact in the fruit at each of its wines lines.

Producer: Giesen

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U.S. Importer

From the producer's website:

Our Vineyards
Over the past 20 years, increased production has been spurred by our ongoing investment in Dillon’s Point vineyard in the heart of the Wairau Valley. This 296- acre vineyard was developed from scratch when we purchased the property in 1993, and is now one of the finest vineyards in Marlborough.
In addition to Dillon’s Point, we also own 12 other vineyards in the Wairau Valley. It is our cross-section of diverse vineyards across the valley that allow our team and Chief Winemaker to select the optimum harvest time for each block, ensuring we consistently achieve the profile of grapes best suited to our world-renowned Sauvignon Blanc and other wine varieties.
1993 Dillon’s Point
1999 Aitken & Marlborough Ridge
2001 New Dillon’s Point, Eden & Hunter
2002 Lofthouse
2003 Bay Block, Barns Block & Cuddon
2007 Sand Dunes, Stump Creek & Hidden Valley
Total Vineyards: 13
Total Land Area: 720 acres

Our Winery
The Giesen Winery is a classic example of the philosophy that flows through all aspects of our business: Simplicity is Key. It is our firm belief that beautiful architecture is not the secret to producing the best quality wine. Our winery is state-of-the-art in terms of functionality, which is best suited to the purpose of our business. Like most parts of our business, the winery has expanded dramatically since we first purchased the original winery site, bare land in Vernon Street, Blenheim, in 1999. Eight years later, the adjoining land was purchased for expansion, with our goal being to develop and evolve our winery with equipment of the highest possible standard. We now have the ability to process in excess of 7,000 tonnes of grapes and a tank capacity of 8.5 million litres.
The combination of high-tech equipment and the skills of our operators at all levels within the winery is what enables the winemaking team to gently and precisely extract everything that is quintessentially Marlborough from our grapes. The winery has been set up to help the harvesting process move as quickly or slowly as is dictated by Mother Nature.

Our Bottling Facility
In 2006, with storage capacity in Blenheim doubling to reach 4 million litres, the brothers decided the time was right to establish the new bottling operation, which would allow them to double their production capacity.
Due to its proximity to the port and infrastructure, Christchurch was chosen for the location of the new plant. The brothers’ ongoing relationship with the city’s service providers was also behind the decision to have this part of the business remain in Christchurch.
Our purpose-built bottling and warehouse facility has streamlined the business and has been a key driver behind the continuing growth in our export market. Just a 30-minute drive separates our wine from the Port of Lyttelton, from where it can be shipped directly to anywhere in the world.

Producer: Piquentum

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Implantées sur les coteaux argilo-calcaires de Saint-Antonin, les vignes du Clos d'Alari sont menées depuis 1999 avec passion par Anne-Marie et Nathalie Vancoillie, mère et fille.

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Producer: A.J. Adam

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Producer: Carl Loewen

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Producer: Helexo Wines

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Producer: Apanta

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Producer: Providore

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Producer: Teso La Monja

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Producer: Candialle

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