Barcode (custom Dymo)

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To customize the label templates, you will need to download and modify the current XML label definitions and save them as .LABEL files on your computer. You can pull copies of the current templates from the URL's below and then make similarly named, local .label files: (this is the main 30336 label)

Open those in the latest DYMO editor and modify. Do NOT delete any of the named objects (BARCODE, WINENAME, INFOTEXT) or you will break the printing. When done tweaking put them into \Program Files\CellarTracker on Windows or /Applications/CellarTracker on a Mac. The site will try to load those first ahead of my default templates on the web.

Users of Windows Vista and later will need to change the file permissions of the CellarTracker folder to allow a user called “Everyone” to have full control.

The best way to troubleshoot whether the site is properly loading custom label templates is to use the diagnostic web page hosted at and look at the debug output when clicking the CHECK INSTALLATION and PRINT TEST LABELS buttons.

Read more about Label Options.

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