Barcode (label types)

CellarTracker supports several different label sizes for use as described in Barcode Support instructions:

To change to a different default label you need to use LABEL SETTINGS.

Dymo 30336, 11352 (1" x 2-1/8" and 25mm x 54mm)

The equivalent label for Europe is 11352, "Large Return Address Labels". SKU number S0722520.

Purchase on Amazon (~$11 for 500 labels)

Custom dual-perforated (1-1/8" x 3-1/2")

Purchase from CellarAdvisors ($17 for 350 labels, shipping included, designed and shipped by
Marc Lazar of CellarAdvisors has been working with dozens of clients since early 2005 to get them all inventoried and barcoded on CellarTracker. Based on feedback from some clients, they came up with the idea for a specially perforated label (with a more lightly glued portion), and I worked with him to add a 'removable' barcode to fit these labels. That way you can easily tear off and save a copy of the barcode for later scanning and removal. These work with all Dymo LabelWriter series printers, including 300, 330, 400, 450, Duo and Twin Turbo models. NOTE: The original version of these labels used a non-standard size of 1" x 3-3/8", but as of July, 2010 these have moved to a standard Dymo size. The newer labels have yellow glue on the back of the tear-off tab. You need to choose the correct label size in your label settings. NOTE 2: We have heard a handful of reports of these labels not working well with non-US Dymo printers, so buyer beware if you are using a Dymo outside of the US.
Here is a printed label:

Here is a label after it has been torn at the perforation:

Dymo 30251, 30252, 30320 / LabelCity 120260R Removable (1-1/8" x 3-1/2" and 28mm x 89mm)

Purchase on (~$16 for 520 labels) (pictured above as the third label in the photo at the top)

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