Varietal Questions

Q: I don't see a varietal in the list? How can I add this?
A: First of all, please ensure that the varietal really isn't in the database. By default CellarTracker will only show you varietals where other wines of the same type and region have this varietal assigned. You can change the default filtering options easily to show all of the varietals though:

If the varietal still does not appear in the list then either post a request in the Errors & Corrections forum or email with a request to add the varietal. Please also create the wine and include the varietal name as all or part of the Designation field. We will subsequently clean this up once we add the new varietal.

Q: I have a wine that uses multiple varietals, but I don't see this combination in the list. What is your policy here?
A: While we do have some multi-varietal combinations in the list we generally avoid adding new ones. I order to keep the list under control we would prefer that you use "Red Blend" or "White Blend" and then embed the varietal names in the designation if, and only if, they appear prominently on the front label.

Q: How can I keep track of the exact varietal percentages for a multi-varietal wine?
A: The best place to store this is in the per-wine Wiki article for that wine.

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