Coravin™ Bottle Tracking

One of the most exciting recent developments in the world of wine preservation is the recent launch of the Coravin™ which in their words lets you "Enjoy Wine By The Glass Without Pulling The Cork."

Since the launch of the Coravin, we have been somewhat besieged by people asking for features in CellarTracker to let them track bottles which have been tapped or accessed with their Coravin. In fact, CellarTracker has long had features that are well suited to this. Tasting notes are not tied to consumed bottles, so people can add as many date/note/scores as they wish. (Just as if you might add a note when you taste a wine at a tasting versus drinking it from your cellar.) CellarTracker also has a flexible, searchable per-bottle note field which people can use to keep track of bottle condition, Coravin status etc. as mentioned in our Note FAQ. This FAQ goes into much more graphic detail on how we recommend you do this.

The recommended method is to use the existing PER BOTTLE NOTE to track how many times you have tapped a bottle with the Coravin. This is an easy note to edit or update, and you can search for it easily as well.

In the side panel for a wine click VIEW/EDIT ALL BOTTLES. Pick a bottle and click the EDIT button at the top of the screen.

Pick bottle(s) to edit

Change the bottle note making sure to use the word Coravin or some other consistent moniker.

Edit bottle(s)

Now to search for this click ADVANCED SEARCH at the top of the screen. The field to filter on is the BOTTLE NOTE with a Non-exact match (fuzzy search).

Advanced Search

This shows the default MY CELLAR view filtered for this bottle note.

Wines viewt

Or if you toggle to the INDIVIDUAL BOTTLE view you can see the specific notes and bottles.

Individual bottle view

And of course one can use the SAVED SEARCH dropdown at the top of the screen to save this search and call it up from any screen with just 1 click.

Saved Searches

Enjoy your wines one glass at a time!

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