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2009 Badoux Vins Chasselas Aigle les Murailles Chablais


  • Switzerland
  • Vaud
  • Chablais

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Community Tasting Note

  • Bandreas wrote: 77 points

    July 14, 2011 - Pale straw color, quite a bit of fizz present, nice nose, fresh, yeasty
    but on the palate incredibly dumb, bitter and short. No acidity (did they cut it?)no nothing!
    Very disappointing, also for the price!
    On the day after: the bitterness is gone, making the wine more pleasant and drinkable. Still: The lack of acidity still takes away a lot of the liveliness such a wine should have. Now 79 -80 points

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  • Aschi commented:

    7/16/11, 1:28 PM - Hi Bandreas, not sure but maybe you got a bad bottle? A dead one? Sure, chasselas wines generally appear like water to Chardonnay/Sauv. blanc palates! You need to grow up on Chasselas to like them! Else better go for Swiss cheese or Swiss chocolate! But the Mureilles is actually a style between the fizzy, flint-stony and the "oily" wines from Aigle you can find there. Usually a good compromise. But its very overprized, even in Switzerland (running at 21 CHF, which is 25 $ with the present exchange rate). You can find a decent Chasselas here for 7 CHF, 9 $! Anyway, keep trying new stuff!

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