1997 Domaine Leflaive Chevalier-Montrachet


  • France
  • Burgundy
  • Côte de Beaune
  • Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru

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Community Tasting Note

  • Seth Rosenberg wrote: 80 points

    September 27, 2010 - Big Leflaive nose. Caramel/butterscotch, dark brown, wood, chewy, lemon. Lacking the ummph and fruit to balance it. The palate is weaker - it has some lemon and caramel, but no drive - a lack of acidity. The finish is short and lemony. Nose - 4/6, Palate - 3/6, Finish - 3/6, Je Ne Sais Pas - 0/2 = 10/20.

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  • napaJ6 commented:

    8/28/13, 9:20 AM - Is this guy a joke?

  • Seth Rosenberg commented:

    8/28/13, 9:39 AM - Excuse me?

  • Wineyone commented:

    7/18/18, 2:14 PM - If this is what this sight is about
    Count me out!!!
    I love wine screaming eagle my
    Love to try it all but dislike wine
    Just enjoy guys no need to be so
    Detailed and technical .
    Who cares!!!!

  • Seth Rosenberg commented:

    7/18/18, 2:46 PM - Interesting that you consider people to be snobs but you’re the one insulting people and telling them how they should enjoy wine. If that’s what you’re about then count me out!

  • Wineyone commented:

    7/19/18, 1:54 AM - I am so sorry.
    You are right everyone has their own
    Opinion On taste smell and how
    They enjoy and describe Their experience
    With that special bottle of wine.
    I am not a wine snob and for me to
    Put you down for being so passionate about a
    Wine .
    Wow shame on me!!!
    I would love to have that knowledge
    But I keep my opinion simple
    I have not come close to your wine
    Palate .
    I have had the best wines from around
    The world.
    Now I need to be humble and learn
    To enjoy other Opinions.
    Thank you for opening a girls eyes.

  • napaJ6 commented:

    7/19/18, 7:23 AM - Seth...I'll speak on behalf of the wine community at CellarTracker since your name comes up quite often. No one has an issue with you or your scoring methodology. Just realize that when you give ridiculously low scores that don't coincide with the system everyone else is adhering to, you end up making people think a wine is worse than it is because you are single handedly making the ratings scued. The feedback consistently given about you is "why does this guy feel the need to put his score into the CellarTracker scoring module rather than put it in the notes." You have numerous "NR" scores, so why not use that and put the score in the notes so everyone can see it just the same.

    Many of us actually appreciate your system as it pertains to your personal scores, and if you read through your ranking of wines, it all makes sense. However, there's no reason to knowingly create your own unique scoring system and are compelled to affect the community averages.

  • Seth Rosenberg commented:

    7/19/18, 4:13 PM - @ Winery One: Thanks for the apology. Might I suggest that you avoid the use of the word 'snob'? It's pretty judgmental and pejorative.

  • Seth Rosenberg commented:

    7/20/18, 5:58 AM - @ napaj26 : You make a number of points so let me try to address them. Overall, it seems that we differ in terms of assumptions, goals and methodology. To me, it seems that the scores and notes should reflect the quality of the wine, as judged by the taster. If a taster judges a wine to be bad, and, to the best of their ability, don't think the wine is damaged or flawed, then that should reflect in the note and the score. I think that a database of wine notes is stronger and more useful if it reflects a wide diversity of taster outlooks and styles. Sometimes my score may be an outlier, other times it might be someone else's score - but outliers are, in my view, not to be discarded but are important parts of the integral whole. I discussed some of this with another poster - the assumption that the distribution of scores should be a typical Gaussian (bell curve) is a flawed one IMO (we could discuss that further if you wish). I think it is important for tasters to 'call it as they see it' - if a wine isn't good, then it should not be rated highly based on reputation. I think that happens a lot more often and you end up with scores biased by this or by the 'consensus'. My system, I believe (and a casual stat examination seems to show), produces scores which are overall quite in line with the default.

    As for your suggestion for a 'NR' rating instead. I use the NR for a couple of different, but well-defined reasons. I use it when 1) I didn't take detailed enough notes or have a crisp enough memory to feel confident with my score. 2) I don't really understand a wine or 3) when I feel like a wine isn't a representative example but it doesn't seem to be flawed in any particular way I can nail down. So given this, I do not what to use the 'NR" for wines that seem to me to be correct, but are just bad.

    Although I appreciate the fact that you try to raise issues in a reasonable way, and you do make some suggestions, I want to point out that there are some hidden issues in your comment. First, you claim to speak for the 'cellartracker community'. Given the size and diversity of this community, I would say that this is a pretty loaded statement - and also one that attempts to exert pressure on an individual based on a type of peer pressure. Second, you claim that I give 'ridiculously low scores' - this has assumptions and criticality loaded inside. Why is the low score ridiculous? Because you don't agree? because another set of tasters gave the wine a different score? Those don't seem to be sufficient criteria to demand that another taster not score the wine. And the use of the word 'ridiculously' - instead of 'very' or something like 'divergent compared to the consensus or other tasters' - the word literally means that the thing is something to be ridiculed - and there's a big negative connotation in that. Just figured I'd point that out.

  • Wineyone commented:

    7/21/18, 2:39 PM - Please tell me how to navigate this
    Site I want to see wine notes.
    I can’t be that blonde!!!

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