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2009 Argyle Pinot Noir Reserve

Pinot Noir

  • USA
  • Oregon
  • Willamette Valley

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Community Tasting Note

  • MichaelNorwood wrote: 75 points

    January 1, 2013 - Oh for the love of god, why do I keep buying Oregon Pinots?! Isn't the Willamette Valley supposed to be the new Burgundy?! Light, almost cranberry in color... which gives away a lot. Light bodied and actually a decent tasting wine but NO power. No concentration. Anemic, and watered down. Do they get too much rain there? What's the deal!? I feel like I just paid $45 for kool-aid.



  • Sauvyfan commented:

    1/28/13, 6:06 PM - If its not your style than just accept it and move on. Burgundy and Oregon are similarly susceptible to vintage variation. When the pieces fall into place, it can be miraculous. If you want consistently over-concentrated high-powered (high alcohol) Pinot, than concentrate your efforts in Southern California, namely Santa Rita Hills or any label that has a big LWC on it. Oregon is a style unto itself. If its not your style. than move on.

  • MichaelNorwood commented:

    1/28/13, 7:16 PM - Sauvyfan, first of all, learn the difference between "then" and "than". Here's an example of how to use "then", "If you don't like my tasting notes, THEN don't read them and certainly don't comment." Here's an example of when to use "than", "In my opinion, Sonoma Pinots are generally better THAN Willamette Valley Pinots." Which brings me to my second point; what I said was MY opinion on the wine. I don't want over-concentrated wines made from raisins. I know what a great Pinot tastes like and my exasperation was from continually being disappointed by anemic Oregon Pinots. If you want to know my ideal Pinot though, Willams Selyem, Kosta Browne and Mary Edwards are my benchmarks.

  • mos commented:

    4/6/13, 5:56 PM - I'll grant you this particular wine is a little weak but there are some powerful Oregon Pinot's out there. Domaine Serene springs to mind.

    Switch to CA Pinots if you want something meatier, but personally I enjoy the more delicate nuances Oregon affords.

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