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2011 KWV Roodeberg

Red Blend

  • South Africa
  • Western Cape

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Community Tasting Note

  • Mr Coone wrote: flawed

    September 7, 2013 - Wine had a musty nose. Made me think of my old attic. It had a fresh palate, but also with the same musty finish. Not very fond of it. Perhaps I had a bad bottle?



  • The taste athlete commented:

    1/18/14, 12:02 PM - I think that you did have a bad bottle indeed , mr Coone.
    Not that this is a 90+ wine but for the price that i paid here around 5 euro or in dollars 6.70 i would still rate this wine around 81/100

    On the other hand your taste and mine could be from two diffirent worlds .

  • Mr Coone commented:

    4/17/14, 6:09 AM - I bought another bottle for a retry and the first bottle must have been a flawed one indeed. This bottle was way better than the first one, but still a little but too acid to my personal taste.

  • The taste athlete commented:

    4/17/14, 1:16 PM - Great to read that you had more luck on this one ;) .
    Just out of curiosity what's the price you have paid for it ?

    Out of my experience the wine loses its firm caracter if you would let the bottle breath for +- 2 hours .

  • The taste athlete commented:

    4/17/14, 1:17 PM - Ik zie net dat u hoogswaarschijnelijk nederlands praat ^_^ .

  • Mr Coone commented:

    4/18/14, 3:46 AM - I paid 7,05 euro for it, so this wine is quite OK for it's price I think.
    En ik spreek inderdaad Nederlands (of ik doe hier aan de Vlaamse kust toch een goede poging toe) :-)

  • The taste athlete commented:

    4/23/14, 12:44 PM - Ik heb deze goedkoper kunnen kopen :p .
    Rode prijs ;) .

    Ik zie dat u ook de Marzelle hebt in de kelder.
    Al eens eentje geproefd ?

  • The taste athlete commented:

    5/13/14, 12:07 PM - Even vergeten ,
    Voor de Italiaanse wijnen en het feit dat ze karaf zouden nodig hebben.
    Dat is niet meer of minder voor andere wijnen ;) .
    De tijd dat je karafeert hangt af van de wijn.
    Meestal is het wel dat een wijn die vrij jong is een tijdje karaf
    Enkele uren kan gebruiken ...

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