2007 Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair La Romanée

Pinot Noir

  • France
  • Burgundy
  • Côte de Nuits
  • La Romanée Grand Cru

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Community Tasting Note

  • StefanAkiko wrote: 81 points

    December 14, 2013 - Holy guacamole frecking S**TTY expensive. Sorry to kill your hype, but this is just plain watery juice. All is balanced and in place, oak integrated with fabulous PN typicity together with some minerality. The famous "transparent structure" rulez.

    ...but it is WATERY!
    Wife wouldn't want to drink it even if it was offered for free.

    Last night, we had a '03 Numanthia where many things are the same: Long tradition (Numathia's vines are +100 yrs), distinct minerality, hardships in production, verging-on-obsessed passionate owners/winemakers, keen wine making etc. The Numanthia made us almost silent in awe. But where are the results from the endeavors in Vosne? Almost nothing come in to play with this Romanée. It did absolutely nothing for us. Some other tasters sung its praise. We asked them what they meant, they didn't answer...

    We returned from this Vosne-Romanée tasting, remaining completely in the dark and not at all understanding this kind of wine making.

    This is delicious for sure with quenching acids and the tone of voice is rather small, not unlike Cola Zero.



  • BurgFixx commented:

    12/14/13, 10:37 AM - I admire your honesty in regards to being in the dark and not understanding this kind of wine making. I also understand why the tasters that praised this wine perhaps didn't elaborate openly. It isn't uncommon for palates that prefer wines that are bolder and more extracted to not prefer the nuances of Burgundy terroir. Couple that with the fact that this bottle was opened at least 10 years before it should even be touched is a sure fire guarantee of a poor experience for any Burgundy novice.

  • StefanAkiko commented:

    12/14/13, 11:00 AM - I don't think I will ever give up on Burg, however the price tags can be almost offensive, especially for what you get. Since my first red burg back in the 80'ies, I've studied them on at least a monthly basis and really hard. Wife and my palates prefer less watery wines, but we do mix and match a lot. For instance, CF from Loire and elegant Carignane wines are high on our drink-list.
    One day, maybe the wallet grows enough fat to take on these Burgs with enough age on them and no Rudy inside. That will (hopefully) be a great day, seeing the Light.

  • noppakit s. commented:

    3/22/14, 11:17 AM - Burgundy wine is elegant and delicate.

    I drink all type of wine and depend on the mood of the moment. I love CF very much too.

    LR 2007, I wouldn't say watery but very elegant and beautiful. May be you don't like the style of the vintage.

    Even Leroy's 2007 Richebourg is also elegant. If you like sth medium-full body, you shouldn't buy 2007, the acidic vintage. Better go for 2003/2010.

    The same style of Liger-Belair is Pacalet. Whenever you drink these two, be prepare to a vibrant and elegant wine.


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