2011 Friedrich Becker Spätburgunder


  • Germany
  • Pfalz

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Community Tasting Note

  • Erikjay Likes this wine: 89 points

    November 15, 2013 - Similar to the 2010, perhaps lacking it's floral character. Lovely wine, great drinkability. The 'simpler' bottlings seem to get shorter time in barrel, which is nice.



  • egonx commented:

    7/22/14, 10:59 AM - Thanks for your points. I just want to add that this wine is the only Spätburgunder from Becker who has not been in a barrel at all.

  • Soteriologist commented:

    5/19/15, 6:38 PM - According to my sources, it did have 14 months in the barrel - which also is not really that short at all.

  • egonx commented:

    5/19/15, 11:17 PM - I was mistaken. My source was from the weingut itself but I must have misunderstood. The information I can find online says the wine has been matured in large bottis (i.e. not small barrels). At the weingut I got explained to me that the difference between the Spätburgunder and the Spätburgunder "B" was that the later had been on small oak-barrels while the other not had been. I interpreted this as it had not seen wood at all which clearly is not the case.

    In 2 months I will go there again and this time and try to understand better. I love the wines.

  • Soteriologist commented:

    5/20/15, 3:01 AM - Thanks for the explanation, Egon ! And since all I know is what the retailers report (can't see any detailed explanation on the Weingut's website), may I ask you to report back here after you have clarified that ? This conversation sparked my curiosity.

    Sounds like I would prefer this over the "B" version then. Generally it seems to me that I like Spätburgunder/Pinot Noir in the varietal's pure typicity and with little or no wood influence. If I am going to have a lot of oak, vanilla and tobacco in the aromas, I would probably rather have a tempranillo or some high extract sun-drenched variety.

    I am looking forward to opening a bottle of this tonight and will likely leave a TN here. Cheers !

  • egonx commented:

    5/20/15, 12:16 PM - I just read on the bottle. And opened it. =D

    Vierzehn monatige Reifung in grosen und kleinen Eichenfässern.

    I will go and stand in a corner and drown my sorrows with this wine.

  • Soteriologist commented:

    5/20/15, 2:56 PM - What sorrows ? *Hug* I will drown mine as well though. My bottle says the same as yours. The wine is decanting as I write this - can't wait to sip on it. I will probably leave one of my amateurish TNs here in an hour or two, but it will develop over the days to come and just be a first draught.

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