2012 Turley Zinfandel Kirschenmann Vineyard


  • USA
  • California
  • Central Valley
  • Lodi

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Community Tasting Note

  • doubledoc wrote: 92 points

    May 12, 2014 - There was just a touch of heat to the day when we left Valencia in our rented fiat. Four of us in the car, Wifey at the wheel, and our friends E and M were in the back seat while I manned the tape deck in front. We started with some pavement, then moved into parliament funkadelic and then finally settled on dead 5/8/77, which neither of the ladies in back had ever heard.

    We had just left the city limits on the autoroute when the road switched from a six lane urban artery to a two lane road through the hills mainly used for trucks and goats.

    Bright cherry overtones from the schnapps we were passing around the car mixed with the leathery and chocolatey mota that filled the car with its thick and heavy scent as we smoked it. Light and high noted, we developed a routine. We'd speed up to the dieziocho wheeler in front of us, chuck some schnapps, and then gun it in the lane next to the truck around a blind corner yelling and screaming en espanol until we passed the truck and were back in our lane. My wife would yell at us as being immature, and we just drank more.

    Spent 3 nights sleeping in a car in pamplona. bulls. running. sangria. M got lost in pamplona in a drunken rage and we found her the next day. somebody took a dump next to the car we were "staying in".

    Show: 5/8/77. Finesse. Power. Classic, but not the best you've ever heard. People will talk about this in the future.

    Wine: a little heat, bright red fruits with a deep mocha/chocoloatey/leathery/tobacco/zinfandelly tannin, a little acid (like the dead!)

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  • Pknut commented:

    5/12/14, 8:05 AM - Love this tasting note.
    5/8/77 is pretty damn good. The night before, in Boston, perhaps you think is better?

  • doubledoc commented:

    5/12/14, 8:07 AM - or 5/9 Rochester...

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