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2010 Sokol Blosser Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

  • USA
  • Oregon
  • Willamette Valley
  • Dundee Hills

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Community Tasting Note

  • djlevin Likes this wine: 92 points

    July 22, 2014 - I was looking at some recent tasting notes on this wine and I definitely have a different view. There are those that record the gradual loss of fruit in a white/rose wine as a marker of the descent into oxidization and eventual fault. I don’t understand this thinking. Wine does not need to be a fruit bomb to be appreciated. In many quality wines, bottle age promotes balance and softens structure – qualities I enjoy very much. Apparently, this thinking does not follow the palate of many wine consumers. I prefer some bottle-age on fine whites and rose! Take a well made white/rose with solid acidity, nice texture, lower alcohol, a minimum of oak and without any one characteristic overpowering the other… put some age on it and I am sold! Doesn’t matter whether white, rose, or bubbly. The right wines almost always do improve. So, this one knocked my socks off! It is a different tasting experience than the first bottle back in 2011. Beautiful, delicate nose of strawberry, hay and herbal mint. The palate is losing the fruit, but still begins with tart strawberry and now just a hint of watermelon. A touch of butter comes through from the lees. The huge acidity has toned down a bit, but still assertive enough to surpass most of the rose I taste. This is wonderfully dry, with enough fruit to mask any bitterness. The texture on this rose is wonderful! What the winemaker did with leaving this on the lees to age for a time before bottling, is almost god-like in its brilliance. IMO, the optimal window for drinking this wine is 2014-2015. Don’t let it sit much longer, or too much of the fruit will resolve. What a great value in Rose! Oregon shines again!

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  • Jake112380 commented:

    7/26/14, 11:21 PM - I very much appreciate your review (and your implicit critique of mine!). As I still have a few bottles left, I'll be sure to open my next one with your comments front and center. Cheers!

  • djlevin commented:

    7/27/14, 8:16 AM - Jake, I wasn't trying to suggest there is any right, or wrong. Sorry if it appeared so. I revised the tasting note a bit to reflect my viewpoint better. If you take a look, it might shed some light on why I gave this wine such a high rating. Every individual likes what they like - there are no "correct" tasting notes... but I do enjoy opening eyes to new ideas. Thanks for your comment!

  • Jake112380 commented:

    7/30/14, 11:09 PM - I certainly didn't think you were taking a shot at me, if that's what you mean. I enjoy having my views challenged because, even if I continue to hold the view I had, which is the case here, I pick up a different perspective. I appreciated reading you take on this wine because it was so much different from mine, and I was sincere in my statement about tasting it again with your review front and center. That's exactly what I did tonight. Cheers!

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