2012 Seven Hills Winery Malbec


  • USA
  • Washington
  • Columbia Valley
  • Walla Walla Valley

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Community Tasting Note

  • hello555 wrote: 79 points

    November 16, 2014 - I went to the tasting room and I thought it was a wonderful Malbec from Walla Walla and I can't wait to open it in a couple of years.



  • Jake112380 commented:

    11/18/14, 9:09 PM - Ok, I'm confused. You say this is "wonderful" and that you "can't wait to open it in a couple of years" which makes me believe you esteem this wine quite highly, and yet you give it a 79. Most people would consider a wine rated at that number to be barely drinkable, even late in the night. What am I missing?

  • hello555 commented:

    11/19/14, 8:24 AM - To Jake 112380- hi jake it's all in perspective and interpretation of what people make comments about a vintage but the best thing for you to do is buy a bottle of Seven Hills or go visit Walla Walla and experience their wines.

  • Jake112380 commented:

    11/19/14, 10:49 PM - Hello Hello, I have been to Walla Walla, somewhere in the vicinity of 50 times over the past dozen years or so. I've had 7H wines from grocery stores, wine shops, their tasting room, and restaurants. That's one reason I'm so puzzled. The other is that the comment doesn't seem to, in any way, match the score. Like I said, what am I missing?

  • spatchmo2 commented:

    5/28/15, 6:30 PM - Jake your right. I reported the problem and hopefully the review will be removed. It is not consistent with tasting notes. When people use poor judgment and review a small production wine they can really affect the overall score. Give it a few days this review will be gone. Also the response to your question made no sense and was a rambling mess. Cheers

  • Jake112380 commented:

    5/28/15, 11:36 PM - Spatch, I agree. When I wrote my second comment, I was hoping for the intelligent engagement that I didn't get the first time. If Hello was a particularly hard grader, had fat fingered the rating, or had misinterpreted the scale, that would be great to know. But it doesn't appear that we will ever find out what was really going on.

  • Eric commented:

    5/29/15, 7:23 AM - Hi everyone. Please remember that scoring is subjective. There is nothing out of site policy with this note.

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