2012 Treana White

White Rhone Blend

  • USA
  • California
  • Central Coast

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Community Tasting Note

  • tomherer Does not like this wine:

    November 22, 2014 - Clearly a polarizing wine, and I'm landing more on the hate end of the love/hate equation. Agree with every TN here on some level; there is some viognier typicity, complexity, finish, and aromatic appeal here. But it just suuuucks to drink. So sweet, rich, and overpowering that I wish the respectable finish would just stop.

    Weird wine; can't score. Probably a great find for a fan of the style at the half-off NHLS closeout price, but I'm dumping the rest and moving on.

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  • Z1nnfull commented:

    2/15/15, 2:03 PM - At 14.3% alcohol, not a sweet wine, most of the sugar would have been absorbed by the fermentation process. The floral nature and overall taste of these Rhone varietals does makes it seem somewhat sweet. Definitely not the style of wine for everyone. I have found lush white wines like this do best when they are allowed to warm up from fridge temperature, maybe to 50 degrees or so. I have also decanted wines like this and they have benefited from that, as well.

  • tomherer commented:

    2/15/15, 6:33 PM - You're absolutely right -- I believe it's a completely dry wine, and didn't mean to suggest that it's literally a sweet wine. Appreciate you pointing that out. Rather, meant that there's an unpleasant perceived sweetness due to a lack of balance. In my experience, great white Rhone varietal wines have a refreshing foil -- e.g. the bitter pit of a stone fruit in addition to its flesh. If memory serves, this wine doesn't, and the result is a wine that tilts hard to the ripe/flabby side. Hope that clarifies.

  • Z1nnfull commented:

    2/16/15, 8:09 AM - Very much so, thanks. I think they most likely have oaked either the individual varietals or the overall blend, and that may be what you note...I assumed it was perhaps malolactic fermentation?

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