2012 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 40th Anniversary

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • USA
  • California
  • Napa Valley

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Community Tasting Note

  • Maleko wrote:

    January 28, 2015 - Saw the bottle on the shelf at Safeway. Read through some of your comments and have decided it may not be worth the risk.
    They are asking $74.99, is that too high?



  • Zbear commented:

    1/28/15, 6:16 PM - A lot of retailers have it for about $55 to $60. And judging from the reviews.. I'd say even that is too high. I have a couple bottles, but haven't tried it yet.

  • mhenry commented:

    1/28/15, 10:13 PM - Too high. Should be able to get a 750 ml for $50-55, or a 1 L for $65-70. I also read with dread the various comments, so I used my Coravin to sample 2 oz, and found it fine.

  • gew71walsh commented:

    1/29/15, 6:04 AM - Before having major concerns about the significant number of bad reviews, notice that a substantial number of them are contributed by reviewers who review and/or own very few wines--in a number of cases, it is their only review. There appears to be a herd mentality here that allows some CT people to feel comfortable bashing a wine only because others have done so.

  • MC2 Wines commented:

    1/29/15, 6:48 AM - While it is true there have been some horrendous reviews, there have also been some very high ones. Seems to be a polarizing wine. We haven't tried ours yet, but I'll admit I'm pretty intrigued.

    The $75 is too high though. I think ours were more like $55. As someone mentioned earlier the liter maybe more like $70.

  • Maleko commented:

    1/29/15, 10:22 AM - Mahalo guys, I think having to cross the Pacific Ocean may have to do with the inflated price.

  • Baronfreya commented:

    1/31/15, 1:53 PM - I would stay away at 70 plus you can find this in the 50 range . Finally tried a bottle last night was not bad but for me not spectacular if you like fruit bombs probably worth it. Interesting let half the bottle sit overnight and just poured a glass fruit mellowed I think I am liking it more the second day

  • Rktekt3 commented:

    3/20/15, 7:29 PM - $75 plus tax? Yeah, too high.

  • Baronfreya commented:

    11/29/19, 3:44 AM - Funny was reading old comments, debating price for this , total wine has it for over 100 now. Guess 50 was good. Hopefully it is aging well as I still have a few

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