2008 Château Pontet-Canet

Red Bordeaux Blend

  • France
  • Bordeaux
  • Médoc
  • Pauillac

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Community Tasting Note

  • georgenmil wrote: 78 points

    February 13, 2015 - The wine looks ruby colored. The legs are medium. There is no sediment in the bottle.



  • Ibetian commented:

    2/14/15, 4:41 AM - Not much detail to explain such a low score.

  • mflesh commented:

    2/14/15, 6:42 AM - Agreed. Honestly this wine should probably be an NR rating by anyone, even with 2 days of decanting. Complexities of the wine haven't even come close to developing this one to scoring potential in any way.

  • Rezy13 commented:

    2/14/15, 10:02 AM - Even judging visuals alone I don't feel this merits a 78...then again you may have been disappointed to not find any sediment.

  • TightLettuce commented:

    2/14/15, 10:28 AM - I had one recently, and it WAYYYY too young, but never 70 anything worthy. Some fools on here just give wines low ratings to see the reaction, probably another case of that.

  • silton commented:

    2/14/15, 11:07 AM - Seeing as it is the very first note ever posted by this user... maybe here is one who doesn't understand what a closed wine is. Or something. I welcome all newbies who report honestly but maybe hold off on the scoring part...

  • Ibetian commented:

    2/14/15, 12:05 PM - TightLettuce, I respectfully suggest that you delete the last sentence of your comment. It's ok to question a note, but not call the note writer names, especially a newbie.

  • TightLettuce commented:

    2/14/15, 12:10 PM - Ibetian... get a life

  • silton commented:

    2/14/15, 12:37 PM - TL - drop the ad hominem and baseless speculation please. As much as I dislike contrarian scoring, the OP probably isn't one of those people. The more likely scenario is that he didn't like the wine and couldn't describe why, but then again he didn't bullshit it and stuck to what he could observe. I feel like people should be encouraged to challenge themselves with the public accountability of writing TNs. I think we should welcome people to CT with more class. The TN is a fail and so is this thread. Happy drinking to George and everyone.

  • TightLettuce commented:

    2/14/15, 2:10 PM - Silton… you too hey?

    Listen… you do understand that Georgey here is old enough to drink and rate wine, and can probably defend his TN if he so chooses. It’s humorous to me that you both treat him like he’s a 5 year old, incapable of laughing off or defending himself against a presumptuous, and not even mildly offensive comment like my earlier one.

    The problem here Silton, and more so Ibetian… is the two of you clowns think that it's you’re god’s given right to be the moral police of the NOBLE cellartracker message board. In reality, it is feeble, pathetic, and ultra-sensitive weiners like yourselves who add nothing to any community… and especially not this one. What you need to do... is go back to adjusting each other’s skirts, and spend less time worrying about grown men’s feelings.

    Happy Drinking… Don’t cry too hard into the pillow while you’re busy biting it boys!

  • silton commented:

    2/14/15, 2:38 PM - First you attack someone's first note by calling him a fool and assuming he was doing it to get a reaction. Now, a full on homophobic rant. Reporting this thread would get it nuked, but I think best to leave it up with your character on full display.

  • Eric commented:

    2/15/15, 12:34 AM - I have sent an email to TightLettuce. Further violations will result in his account being removed.

  • Pcrage commented:

    3/22/15, 3:28 PM - Now that we have dispensed with the other stuff has anyone gotten any more intel for the 78 score? I had a bottle of this a few months back and a 78 was the furthest thing from my mind.

  • mflesh commented:

    3/22/15, 5:52 PM - Well, I'm not going to open my bottle to find out as it's not ready to go yet. Therefore, I wouldn't even be able to score it adequately. I had a friend who was daring enough to open a 2005 Canet and said that he was alarmed at how astringent it was. He says that just one year plus or minus would have probably been JUST about ready to go but not the 2005. I'm afraid 2008 is probably similar. I'd just keep it in the cellar and let "the wine look ruby colored"....

  • Pcrage commented:

    3/22/15, 6:00 PM - Agreed That's why it usually makes sense to throw out the flyers at both ends of the spectrum and average the remainder.


  • robertdtwo commented:

    4/8/15, 9:33 AM - Hey, all! I opened one at release, one a year later, and a third two years after's a solid low-90s at present waiting to shine even brighter with some cellar rest, as I'm sure most people understand. It was interesting that, even after a lengthy decant, the nose was nearly nil, but it did open up a bit maybe 7 hours after opening! Wall of tannins guarding the fruit...

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