2010 Penfolds Cabernet Sauvignon Bin 407

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Australia
  • South Australia

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Community Tasting Note

  • felixp Does not like this wine: 86 points

    February 28, 2015 - I guess this is the third or fourth cab wine for penfolds, bit like a Goulee from Cos. As such, it is okay, but certainly does not justify it's price tag (especially here in China!!!!!)
    Pretty bland, one dimensional and innocuous, I always think of these wines as a waste of good liver cells. Nothing to see here, move on folks....
    Anyone who purchases wines like these should heed the advice of an old geezer like me..... you ARE much better off drinking one bottle of decent wine at $120/bottle than 2 bottles of this. Your liver, brain and most importantly your cellar in 15 years will thank you for the decision you made.

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  • Tim Heaton commented:

    2/28/15, 4:55 AM - Great note!

  • Monsieur le Comte commented:

    3/23/15, 12:22 PM - yeah, but it has this great fresh crushed fruit I never ever had in any oher wine before..^^
    yeah, it really is very fruit forward at the moment...
    I had 2 cases 4 free and didn't have to spend money on that one but yess, I would never ever spent 50€ for this wine in europe, too!

  • mister ree commented:

    12/5/15, 11:53 PM - Thanks genius, any other advice you have for us

  • Monsieur le Comte commented:

    12/12/15, 8:25 AM - Not, yet..but please let us know your opinion on that matter, Sir!
    thank you in advance

  • thebatcavewines commented:

    8/24/17, 11:09 PM - Now i'm really looking forward to mine. I only have one bottle left. I want to keep it down another 25+ years & see how it's developed.

  • Martin_G commented:

    11/21/18, 10:12 PM - This IS actually good advice...

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