2012 Andremily Syrah No. 1


  • USA
  • California
  • Central Coast
  • Santa Barbara County

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Community Tasting Note

  • shadow wrote: 98 points

    March 11, 2015 - FedX fever
    Should I or shouldn't I.
    Is it the new "it" or just another, another.
    1:36 pm here in the woods of Newbury.
    Nice bottle dressed in fine tissue.
    I want to ripe off its dress and splash it into a new home.
    Than latter tonight, into my finest stem, for the that moment of taste that only comes once.
    tick tock tick tock, will be back latter.
    Just decanted, holy shit kemosabe, the nose alone just made my day.
    If you are a SQN addict, you know that smell, and I'm not talking about Teen Spirit.
    more latter
    5:17 Its in the glass, on my desk, sunlight bouncing off, its black, opake.
    The light that shines through makes my desk look like fire, cool.
    Nose, humm, got that deep spice, hint of dark roast fumes leaving the coffee pot.
    First sip, tongue is all a tingle, pepper and leather, finish is not sweet, not tart but more tart than sweet.
    Not a girly wine, this one packs a big punch, like the dry tannins.
    Your watching Suits, the rich lawyers are sipping wine after the latest win, this is the taste they want.
    Taste like a winner.
    Of ya, its dry, its leather wrapped fruit and yes, it has that "it", if you got some, your going to be happy.

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  • Zbear commented:

    3/11/15, 4:16 PM - Well, this certainly sound promising.

  • ageverett commented:

    3/12/15, 1:47 PM - Nice! After much internal debate, I elected to order the second 3-pack when it was offered in December. It arrived yesterday - can't wait to try one.

  • Brunello123 commented:

    3/20/15, 7:01 PM - I'm opening one tomorrow (3/21)...can't wait!

  • vintage1949 commented:

    10/30/15, 3:19 PM - Greetings-Loved your story regarding this wine. Kept me smiling the entire read. Who knows when I will make the mailing list-but in time it will happen. Enjoy your wine:) ---Dave

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