2012 Andremily Syrah No. 1


  • USA
  • California
  • Central Coast
  • Santa Barbara County

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Community Tasting Note

  • Brunello123 Likes this wine: 100 points

    March 21, 2015 - Alban, Saxum, Epoch, Law Estate are my favorite Syrah from California. I've only had SQNs twice before so I cannot compare this wine to SQN, but I have high expectations which is why I opened a bottle today, and will lay down the others for a few years. The little I know about Jim Binns through exchange of e-mails tells me he is a great guy and deserves the reviews this wine is getting. I have a feeling this will not be the only 100 point rating the wine will get. Everyone so far has done a great job describing it. I drunk it over 8 hours and it really opened up after about 4 hours. The nose stayed consistently amazing all along. There was no heat and you can't tell it's 15.5% alcohol. This is young and will need a few years to enter its drinking window. I love what I am tasting so far and I can't wait until I get to try another bottle in about 5 years. Amazing!

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  • moisydoisy commented:

    3/22/15, 10:24 AM - So worth opening one up now to try?

  • Brunello123 commented:

    3/22/15, 11:10 AM - if you have more than 3, sure why not? If you have 3 or less, just put them away for a few years. The wine is good now, but will only get better.

  • Zbear commented:

    3/22/15, 1:46 PM - I only have three bottles coming (I knew I was going to regret not getting six), but I will be opening one. Judging from the scores, I am not going to wait years to find out what it taste like. I don't have it in me.

  • moisydoisy commented:

    3/22/15, 1:58 PM - I also knew I should had ordered 6.

  • GD1959 commented:

    3/23/15, 9:56 AM - Wow! Seeing these great reviews makes me thankful I ordered 9 + 1 mag.

  • Brunello123 commented:

    3/23/15, 10:55 AM - Greg, how did you get 9 bottles allocated? With that many bottles, you should open one now to see how you like it.

    I thought the max was 6 and a magnum. I asked for the magnum, but did not get it.

  • GD1959 commented:

    3/23/15, 11:08 AM - My original allocation was 6 + 1, but I wish listed more and got another 3 bottles.

    IIRC, when the offering first came out, there was a lot of online debate as to whether or not people would buy it at the offered price point. In spite of the winemaker's experience working with SQN, and MK's endorsement, some thought it steep for a first offering.

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