2005 Château Giscours

Red Bordeaux Blend

  • France
  • Bordeaux
  • Médoc
  • Margaux

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Community Tasting Note

  • Francophile1 Likes this wine: 93 points

    June 18, 2015 - Wow... I had this about 2 years ago and it was not ready to drink. However, a few years of additional cellar aging and about 1 hour in the decanter had this wine singing and me wanting more. Poured from a 375ml bottle, the wine was medium bodied with red cassis, mineral, violets, and even a touch of gardenia flowers. A more feminine wine, but don't let that word fool you. It is dynamite wrapped in velvet.

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  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    6/18/15, 6:43 PM - Thanks. Nice! We like the "dynamite wrapped in velvet" description. We sipped a bottle last year, and we thought not quite ready. With this description, we just might sip again this year, albeit with only one bottle left in the cellar, we may let it lay down for another decade as we sip our Bordeaux 2007s. Thoughts?

  • COWineLover commented:

    6/18/15, 8:39 PM - My advice is to drink up 2007 Bordeaux. It is not worth holding based on my tastings.

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    6/18/15, 10:35 PM - Yes, we plan to do so with the 2007 Bordeaux. Thanks. What about the 2005 Giscours? Give it a few more years in the Cellar?

  • Francophile1 commented:

    6/19/15, 6:05 AM - Yes. With only one bottle left, I would hold it longer in the cellar. There is still enough fruit and acidity in this wine to last for 10 more years. Longer than 10 years in the cellar the secondary notes will probably takeover. Ideally, I like to drink my Boredaux in the window where the fruit and earth are perfectly matched. Too much fruit or too much old leather shoe does not please my palate. For me it is all about balance. Therefore, this wine is ideal from now-2024. Enjoy!

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    6/19/15, 6:12 AM - Agreed, particularly Left Bank. We like the 10 to 20 year window, depending on producer and location, i.e. Talbot 2001, which was the first wine we ever sipped together that cost a little bit of money, is spot-on at the moment. 2003 could use another year. 2007 sipping well now, but that is a bit of an anomaly because of the vintage. Never, ever a dull moment

  • pjaines commented:

    6/19/15, 8:55 AM - Always good to hear notes on Mr Buzzzoff, I like "dynamite wrapped in velvet" descriptor.

    I had a 1970 Giscours a couple of years back - it was sensational and still had lots of life left in it. The 1990 was quite spectacular.

  • Francophile1 commented:

    6/19/15, 9:47 AM - Amen! Those who haven't had a finely aged Boreduax just don't know what they are missing. It is like drinking wine that has evolved into a 4th dimension. My ah-ha moment was about 10 years ago with a '95 Pichon Lalande and my bank account hasn't been the same since. :-)

  • pjaines commented:

    6/19/15, 9:52 AM - Kindred spirit. Indeed, aged wine is a thing of beauty. I was lucky enough to marry a French girl whose father who has a massive wine cellar - I remember the first time I tasted aged Bordeaux my brain couldn't work it out.

    I've moved onto Burgundy much more these days, but when Bordeaux is at that 20 year mark.....boom! Giscours for me is an excellent wine - always just keeps going and going. I reckon the 05 will age quite happily for another 20 years.

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    6/19/15, 5:15 PM - Ah, lucky you, still have a bank account ;-) And pjaines married well despite loss of brain function :-). We had a 1955 Latour last year, and we recently sipped 1985 Haut-Brion. We call them "intelligent" wines that exhaust your entire library of smells and tastes. We particularly like the memory of sitting in a library and smelling old, musty books...sadly, we also then remember the old librarian shussing all the time. Onwards and upwards....have a great weekend!

  • Francophile1 commented:

    6/20/15, 8:54 AM - The joy of wine... It really is something special. While Boredaux is my first love, I too love Burgundy. Unfortunately, I can't keep my hands off the Burgundies in my cellar. However, it will keep me from drinking my Bordeaux too soon. Cheers!

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    6/20/15, 7:23 PM - We hear ya! We had a BurgunDAY a few evenings ago. Olivier Leflaive Chassagne-Montrachet (village), two Paul Pernots and two Philippe Leclerc Gevrey-Chambertins. We often reach for Italy, Spain, Portugal, Oz or the USA to avoid our Bordeaux and Burgundies ;-) Happy problems...

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    6/20/15, 7:25 PM - We hear ya! We had a BurgunDAY a few evenings ago. Olivier Leflaive Chassagne-Montrachet (village), two Paul Pernots and two Philippe Leclerc Gevrey-Chambertins. We often reach for Italy, Spain, Portugal, Oz or the USA to avoid our Bordeaux and Burgundies ;-) Happy problems...

  • robertgoulet commented:

    12/31/16, 1:31 AM - I love P.Leclerc, had his Champeaux'06....very nice

    As 4 Giscours..2009 is quite the huckleberry...quite masculine. Just picked up the 2000 also....saw a mag local for the 2005 Giscours at $199...I'm just waiting for the $20 off Total Swine coupon b4 I strike! 2012 Giscours is fairly priced at $49, but have not seen great notes as of yet...though 2012 Cantenac Brown was drinking nice recently if u njoy some tart red fruit, floral and leathery notes like me. Total Slime has it for $46

    And Love Talbot....must find some '01(love. the '01 bordeaux vintage btw). FYI>>1982 Talbot is insane...I wasn't sure whether to drink it or make out with I might of done not dare judge me u bastards! Lol

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    12/31/16, 7:34 PM - robertgoulet - we never would judge anyone from The Big O ;-) Happy New Year!

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