2012 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon 40th Anniversary

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • USA
  • California
  • Napa Valley

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  • WineGuyFL Does not like this wine: 82 points

    August 19, 2015 - I bought 6 bottles of this late last year and have been watching the bifurcated reviews with interest. I had a glass of this wine at a dinner from a bottle brought by another guest to a party a few months back. That glass merited a rating of 93-95. The bottle I had tonight was syrup.....awful stuff. If the cause is my wine room, how do you explain that I opened a bottle of top cabernet a couple of nights ago, and it was terrific? That bottle has been in my wine room for years, not months. I have also had at least 3 other bottles of various reds over the past ten days from my wine room that have been up to expectations. Only one of those bottles have been in my wine room for less time that the bottle of Caymus I opened tonight. The source for my bottles is a reliable retailer from which I have purchased countless bottles without incident. I find it hard to blame their storage or shipping based on this past experience. I have had my share of wine that tired before the time forecast by the pro reviewers. I have had bad corks (in fact had one over the past couple of weeks with a French white Burgundy). I have kept a few bottles too long that were tiring when I drank fault. My experience tonight was none of the above.....what I drank was not really wine. I can conjure up a handful of explanations of how this all happened, but they all center on Caymus, storage of a large part of the production before shipment, and, possibly the transportation of a large part of the 2012 production. I do not believe the bad reviews come from people who mistreated the bottles, are bad reviewers, or just do not really like the style of cabernet associated with Caymus. I hope that Caymus is trying to understand what got off the rails here.

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  • Crunge commented:

    8/20/15, 6:14 AM - WineGuyFL, it isn't your storage. I've had two bottles and they were very different. The first was a disgusting purple vanilla extract, and the second was a decent, but pedestrian, wine. Nothing like the Caymus I've enjoyed for 20+ years. I won't be buying any more of the 2012, nor will I buy the 2013, at least until I've tasted it several times. I'm not sure how Caymus managed to mess up the 2012 so badly, but shame on them. And how Parker gave this a 96 is beyond me.

  • robertdtwo commented:

    8/30/15, 12:59 PM - I've stopped bashing Caymus and focused on drinking it all out of my cellar. Overextracted, too sweet, flabby, but *wow* guests still just gush all over themselves when I open a bottle... The last vintage I really enjoyed was '07 so, that's it, I'm done, no more Caymus purchases for me! Too bad, 'cos I really did enjoy what they used to stand for. It seems to me someone there decided it was time to make immediately approachable steakhouse name-brand wine, which is fine, but I'll find another vertical to keep going. (They're doing some truly beautiful things up on Howell Mountain, you know!) Cheers!

  • Crunge commented:

    8/30/15, 5:08 PM - robertdtwo, you're certainly correct about Howell Mountain. Dunn, Cade, O'Shaughnessy, Robert Craig, and many others are producing amazing cab savs from Howell Mountain.

    As for the Caymus, some people on here give it 95-100 points. I'm glad they like it, and they'll be happy that I'm not buying any, so they will have more available.

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