2011 Domaine des Billards Saint-Amour


  • France
  • Burgundy
  • Beaujolais
  • Saint-Amour

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Community Tasting Note

  • Seth Rosenberg wrote: 92 points

    December 8, 2015 - PnP. Sweet and creamy nose - good red fruit that's almost candied: cherries, raspberry, blackberry, dark cherry and some marzipan. This seems darker and more brooding than the 13, with some earth, game or game bird and crunchy herbs. The palate strikes me as somewhat disjointed. It might be partially closed down. I thought it was showing some heat because there's a burn, but I think it is just disjointed acid and structure. Tart cherry, raspberry, meat and game, stones. Maybe there is a touch of heat at the end and in the finish. Rough and tart cherry and mineral finish. I liked the 13 significantly better. Maybe Gilman is right and this will blossom with time. Nose - 5/6, Palate - 4+?/6, Finish - 3.5+?/6, Je ne Sais Quoi - 1/2 = 13.5+?/20.

    Update: Day 2. OK, this has resolved a lot and is just lovely. The nose is similar but more integrated and thus shows more perfume: red and dark red fruits: cherry, black cherry, pomegranate, cranberry. Then stones and minerals, game bird and meatiness, and some crunchy green herbals - almost chewy. The palate is much better than yesterday: enters with tart cherry, pomegranate and cranberry. This is very lively and crunchy on the midpalate with the red fruits, stones, spices and the crunchy herbals. There are a bit of soft and fine tannins, along with serious acidity. The finish still has some oomph - tart red fruits, stones, and a real lively crunch and acidic tang. Tangy, this wine is very tangy. This is darker toned and more acidic than the 2013: the 2013 is more forward and showy right now, but this might be better in the long run. Nose - 5-5.5/6, Palate - 5+/6, Finish - 4.5-5+/6, Je ne Sais Quoi - 1-1.5/2 = 15.5-17+/20 (with 17-17.5/20 potential.)

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  • Chomsky commented:

    12/8/15, 6:43 PM - And you sold me this crap??

  • Seth Rosenberg commented:

    12/8/15, 6:45 PM - Oy. I knew you were watching. Just look at the + and think happy thoughts.

  • pifcho commented:

    12/9/15, 8:46 AM - Sorry, you weren't a fan - this sounds quite different than my bottle from last week... I thought mine drank better on the 2nd night, so maybe needs more air?

  • Seth Rosenberg commented:

    12/9/15, 12:21 PM - Yeah - I loved the 2013. And of course your note helped me decide to try this. I have about 2/3 of the bottle so I'm going to try it again tonight. Will update you.

  • Seth Rosenberg commented:

    12/9/15, 1:51 PM - OK - note updated.

  • pifcho commented:

    12/9/15, 7:09 PM - Glad to hear it turned out well. Cheers!

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