2011 Enderle & Moll Pinot Noir Liaison

Pinot Noir

  • Germany
  • Baden

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  • vanpe003 Does not like this wine: 75 points

    December 21, 2015 - Ok. This has not improved since my first bottle two years ago. In fact, it's borderline horrendous. To call it odd would be an understatement. There's perhaps some interesting fruit lurking somewhere, but it's completely overwhelmed by something that if not VA, does a very good job of mimicking it.

    Update: Trying to salvage this, I decanted for sediment, rebottled, and shook the heck out of it, sort of like the MollyDooker shake. It made this wine better, bordering on tolerable. The overt VA is diminished, giving more of a sense of grapefruit juice and dark room chemicals on the nose. The palate is marginally more pleasant.

    While I have hope for some of the other Enderles in my cellar, this one is beyond disappointing, even after the aforementioned CPR.

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  • theb commented:

    12/25/15, 4:08 PM - 2011 in my opinion was a poor year and vintage for enderle and moll i bought nothing but just buy into 2012 or 09 or 10 and see great pinot all over

  • theb commented:

    12/29/15, 1:16 PM - indeed the 13 is very good and the 15 will be great so full yur boots at these prices sb

  • vanpe003 commented:

    12/30/15, 6:05 AM - Thanks for the notes. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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