2013 Rombauer Vineyards Chardonnay


  • USA
  • California
  • Napa / Sonoma
  • Carneros

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Community Tasting Note

  • vintage1949 wrote: 94 points

    January 27, 2016 - Sorry if I elaborate on this wine. I only do so as I am worried the best part of this wine is missed. First take out of the refrigerator and decant it for 15 minutes. This is not a wine to be hurried. I use (and anything will do) Bordeaux Riedel glasses. Fill the glass about 1/8 full. If you take the palm of your had while swirling and you get a good chill the wine is too cold. I find taking my time releases incredible aromas that are balanced with perfect acid to be refreshing. I cannot tell you how many times a guest at our house comes back with a glass that has been nursed for an hour-Dave-you have to smell this-this is incredible-please take a taste. Of course that magic window does not last forever. Simply filling up a glass halfway and drinking it is like pulling the turkey out of the oven a couple hours to early. Well that was not the best metaphor but you get the idea. The wines charms for some reason-needs to be beguiled out of the glass. But the slow process warms the senses and soul. Dave

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  • gew71walsh commented:

    1/29/16, 4:20 AM - It appears you have uncovered what most Americans do incorrectly according to experts-- drink their Burgundy/Chardonnay too cold right out of the refrigerator (about 37 degrees F.). Such wines smell and taste much better at 45 degrees F.

  • vintage1949 commented:

    1/29/16, 2:35 PM - Yup-been ordering Chardonnay's and White Burgundies before we arrive at the restaurant of our choice for years. Been doing this for 45 years-grin.

  • slywka7 commented:

    7/3/16, 7:05 AM - Having this today I think but pulling my it out of my wine fridge at 55 degrees, the temperature I like to drink Chardonnay at.

  • vintage1949 commented:

    7/3/16, 4:59 PM - Hmmmm-55 degrees sounds perfect to me. I have some bottles-might let one glass warm up to 60 ans see what happens. Just got back from Mayo. Could not find cause of headaches that is why Iam rarely on. Sorry about that. Heading back again to a migraine specialist. Headache 24/7. Yuck😀

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