2013 Envinate Taganan Tinto

Red Blend

  • Spain
  • Canary Islands

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Community Tasting Note

  • pryby wrote:

    May 8, 2016 - Second bottle. First was clearly flawed - second is drinkable but still has some of those same characteristics. Hard to square my experience with the other notes here. Nothing fruity at all. Very minieral, almost a gunpowder struck match note.
    Not rating this as I'll assume mine are bad bottles.



  • mychurch commented:

    5/9/16, 12:34 PM - I dont think they are bad, they just sound reduced. Its clear that sensitivity to reduction, like sensitivity to Brett and TCA, varies a lot from person to person. The white 14 tastes like a box of struck matches at the moment and at a dinner for 9, a few people found it undrinkable and a few thought "wow" and the rest were in between.

  • pryby commented:

    5/9/16, 3:58 PM - Thanks for the note, mychurch. Interesting to hear your experience with the whites. I don't doubt that reduction may be the issue - but normally don't you expect those aromas and flavors to resolve with decanting or at least with time in the glass? Not the case here. I wrote my note last night but that was actually 2 days after opening, and I still didn't detect much fruit underneath the gunsmoke. Did your bottle evolve over the evening?

  • mychurch commented:

    5/9/16, 11:26 PM - We drank the 14 as part of a big dinner and it only lasted for 1 course. There was a bit left in the bottle which I tasted the next morning while clearing up. There was definetly less matches and more fruit then. There was a big discussion about the reduction issue with on the wine-pages forum 18 months or so ago. I'll see if I can find the link

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