2000 Cullen Wines Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot (Diana Madeline)

Red Bordeaux Blend

  • Australia
  • Western Australia
  • South West Australia
  • Margaret River

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Community Tasting Note

  • Rieslingfan wrote:

    May 17, 2016 - My last bottle of this wine, and so of course the best...

    Aging from the outside in, it's now a core of fruit wrapped in old leather, cherry infused tobacco in an elegant room. It is an absolute pleasure to drink now, with or without food.

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  • arthrovine commented:

    5/17/16, 4:37 AM - Thanks for the note. I enjoy these also. What closure type was your wine? Also did you decant it?

  • Rieslingfan commented:

    5/17/16, 4:44 AM - Cork finished bottle. I did not decant, as it was a snap decision to open it for dinner. The bottle had been standing up for several weeks in the queue.

  • salil commented:

    5/17/16, 5:58 AM - Such a great wine. Shame about current pricing.

  • Rieslingfan commented:

    5/17/16, 7:12 AM - Yeah - $85-$100 is not a price I am willing to pay. I can get Heitz or Ridge cab for $50. Not the same expression, but relatively equal quality.

  • arthrovine commented:

    5/17/16, 7:28 AM - Pricing has indeed gotten ridiculous on these wines. I have both corked and screw capped 01s that are completely different wines. The screw caps are aging glacially where as the corks are beautifully ready

  • salil commented:

    5/17/16, 7:31 AM - Interesting - do you know what the liner is on the screwcaps? Are those Stelvins?

    As much as I love Aussie cabs, the classics are no longer a value proposition. I used to buy wines like this or Wynn's John Riddoch to scratch my Cab itch - now I'm just going back to Bordeaux.

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