N.V. Smog City Brewing Coffee Porter


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  • California

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Community Tasting Note

  • Frank Murray III wrote:

    July 12, 2016 - I really like this beer. I love coffee, but only in the form of espresso, usually a double each morning before work and that's all. So, as I try and describe this beer, simply think of a base of refreshing 6% ABV beer in a porter style, infused with a big dollop of espresso. This pours dark, which aligns the dark flavors of bitter chocolate and light pine. I know craft beer is very popular and has been now for some time, at least here in Southern California, and this is about the only beer that I go out and buy when beer is on my list. Such a great drink.

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  • Eric commented:

    11/3/19, 3:04 PM - Yes I love this one. Smoky and rich without being heavy or having too much ABV.

  • Frank Murray III commented:

    11/4/19, 6:26 PM - Eric, great to hear from you, man. Hope all is well.

    Funny, the Smog City place is not far from my house so it's visitable. Glad you like it.

    Hey, thanks again for a wonderful site. Just keyed in all my Kutch that arrived today. I'd be lost without this site, pal.

  • Eric commented:

    11/4/19, 7:06 PM - It's my pleasure. I hope we get to share a glass or a few at some point.

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