White - Sweet/Dessert

2005 Domaine des Baumard Quarts de Chaume

Chenin Blanc

  • France
  • Loire Valley
  • Anjou-Saumur
  • Quarts de Chaume

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Community Tasting Note

  • tomherer Likes this wine: 94 points

    July 23, 2016 - Another 94 pointer at Cowboy Ciao Scottsdale. If you love wine and can get here, get here.

    Opened a half bottle as an apertif and held the rest for their "Cereal, Killer" dessert, which was a crazy good pairing. The wine has its textbook musty smell at first, which becomes subtle with air. Liquid nectarine, pebbly, weightless, good lift and energy, subtle finish that lingers all night.

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  • Kirk Grant commented:

    7/24/16, 5:16 AM - Tom, there are a few people in Maine (I'm in Bangor) that are really into wine...looking at your cellar and your selections...you're clearly in that camp. Can you explain the "cereal killer" dessert and talk a little more about how this wine paired with that (acidity, shifts in flavor profiles, etc).

  • tomherer commented:

    7/24/16, 10:11 AM - Greetings fellow Mainiac! The dessert is basically an oatmeal cookie baked into a low creme brûlée dish, topped with frosted flake ice cream and brittle, with a caramel sauce around and under the cookie.

    On its own it's (almost painfully) sweet, but the wine added a bright airy dimension. Almost like a light, tart fruit sauce had been added to the dish. Together, you had all the dimensions -- earthiness from the oatmeal and the wine's minerality, cold and creamy, sweet, bright and fruity. And the contrast in temperature between the warm cookie/caramel and the cold wine (kept it in a bath throughout dinner) was wonderful.

    Am going to recreate this when I get back home either with the QdC or maybe a young/fresh Sauternes...

  • Kirk Grant commented:

    7/28/16, 2:58 PM - That sounds great! We used to go to Miyake back when they were BYO...they had fois gras. We used to love going there. Do you have a regular tasting group there?

  • tomherer commented:

    8/8/16, 8:50 PM - Wow Kirk, does that ever bring back memories. Remember going to Miyake when they were on Spring St. and I had an apartment on State. One of the first times the wine bug set in for life was there, with a BYO bottle of Chapoutier Granits Blanc. The sea urchin was the surprise pairing winner. Like it was yesterday...

    As far as a tasting group, I haven't found one around here yet. Although with chasing after the kids and keeping up with work, it's prob. more for a lack of effort. A small group of us do get together at the Hundred Club in Portsmouth though -- nothing formal, just taking advantage of their corkage policy and deep reserves of wine, knowledge, stems, cheese, etc. It's a lot of fun -- if you're ever through seacoast NH let me know and we'll fill some glasses.

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