2012 Ramey Syrah Rodgers Creek Vineyard


  • USA
  • California
  • Sonoma County
  • Sonoma Coast

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Community Tasting Note

  • Loren Sonkin wrote: 94 points

    September 18, 2016 - A lot of Wines at Tommy's Clambake (again again) (Tommy's): Served from Mag, I had with about 80% gone from the bottle and had been open for 4 hours, so it was fully aerated. Delicious Syrah. Soft and accessible. Deep black raspberry fruit. Lifting aromatics. Powerful finish. Loved the wine. No obvious oak showing at that point which I only mention as it can be an issue for me in his Chards and Cabs. I don't think I ever had his Syrah before. Great wine.

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  • vintage1949 commented:

    2/7/17, 11:36 AM - Open one in 2017??? I only have three magnums. Dave

  • Loren Sonkin commented:

    2/8/17, 5:18 AM - Sure, open one. But give it plenty of air. I would open that morning and let slowly breath all day for serving that night if in a Magnum.

  • vintage1949 commented:

    2/8/17, 5:22 AM - Thanks for your thoughts-really appreciated. You sure are up early in the morning:) Dave

  • vintage1949 commented:

    7/31/18, 5:50 AM - Greetings once again. It has been a year since I opened one of three magnums that I have. Still decant in the morning? Your thoughts please.

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