2009 Tenuta San Guido Bolgheri Sassicaia Sassicaia

Red Bordeaux Blend

  • Italy
  • Tuscany
  • Bolgheri
  • Bolgheri Sassicaia

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Community Tasting Note

  • Zweder wrote:

    October 17, 2016 - Weekly tasting group RWP: Really Special Wines (@ DJ): This bottle was brought by a professional. There was about 1/3 left in the bottle and the Coravin was used. He did not know since how long. In the bouquet rust, but also a high concentration. On the palate chocolate, some celery, ok acidity, oxidized impressions and soft tannin. For me personally a big disappointment! This is not how Sassicaia 2009 is supposed to taste. Was the Coravin not properly used or what? Anyway, no score for the wine.

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  • ChristopherB commented:

    10/19/16, 12:15 AM - My experience has been that even when used "right", the Coravin system is not perfect, with some bottles lasting ok 3 months and others noticeably changing after as little as a week. That being said, it is still the best solution I've found so far.

  • Zweder commented:

    10/20/16, 4:08 PM - Thank you Christopher! Good to know! For me no hurry to buy Coravin.

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    10/21/16, 7:03 PM - Thanks, Zweder and ChristopherB. Ouch! We have had great success with Coravin. However, we usually have half dozen older wines for such purposes. Frankly, we have not even thought of cracking open our 2009 Sassicaia case. We have found Coravin to be marvie with 8+ year old wines from virtually every where. At the moment, we have 2002 Unico, 2006 Ornellai, 2007 Sena, 2008 Blankiet and 2008 Pera Manca. It already has been a couple of months and so far (fingers crossed) all peachy. Sorry to read about the Sassicaia experience :-(...that never should happen!

  • Zweder commented:

    10/22/16, 3:26 PM - Buzzzzzzzz, Thank you for your comment. Let’s just hope future experiences with the Coravin are less negative. Enjoy life and enjoy your wine ;-)!

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    10/22/16, 7:28 PM - Right back atcha, Zweder!

  • tyman44 commented:

    1/2/17, 11:49 AM - If you want to be really safe you should drink the wine from the Coravin ideally within 3 weeks and for sure no more than 2 months. A well known vineyard owner and myself had a discussion as we were drinking something from a bottle that was a little off. He thought in his experience that 3-4 weeks was more apt for the Corvin. I also own a Coravin and use it.

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    1/2/17, 6:31 PM - Thanks, tyman44. We still are going strong with most of our Coravin wines as we enter 2017. Will probably try them this month to see how we are going now that it has been close to 5 months...wish us luck ;-)

  • ChristopherB commented:

    1/3/17, 12:03 AM - This coincides with my experience. No problem preserving a bottle 2-3 weeks with a Coravin, but beyond that, it really depends on the wine. Case in point, a very acidic Chablis 1er cru of 2014 was nearly undrinkable when first sampled with Coravin, but after 3 months, it had become pleasant, whereas a freshly opened bottle was not as it was still unevolved. So if your wine is either highly acidic or rather tannic, in both cases, it can last quite a bit longer than 2-3 weeks. If you have a riper or older wine, YMMV.

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    1/3/17, 12:49 AM - Interesting observation, ChristopherB, thanks!

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