2014 Sandlands Carignane


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  • California

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Community Tasting Note

  • Loren Sonkin wrote: 88 points

    January 27, 2017 - An eclectic mix of nice wines with friends (Pine Lake Trout Club): This was nice. It didn't get touched a lot and there was more than half a bottle left, so i brought it home to see what some air did to it later today. Purple in color. The nose has cherries, dark cherries, some roasted herbs and a bit of pepper. On the palate, this is not showing a lot. Nice texture which makes me think its shut down a bit? Some fruit. Light tannins. Its good, but not as good as the other bottle on the table. Hopefully, it opens up a bit today.

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  • MC2 Wines commented:

    1/27/17, 10:37 AM - We had a funny experience with the 2013 where we'd opened it and it was very mediocre and so it ended up in the fridge with a cork for a number of days. Found it almost a week later and figured what the heck and it was a totally different wine. Much more expressive, much less tight. Very pretty. Maybe something similar can happen with the 2014?

  • Loren Sonkin commented:

    1/28/17, 5:57 AM - Had a glass more on Day 2. It did open up a bit more. A bit juicier as well in the overall balance. Maybe a point higher, hard to say. Definitely needs time or air.

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