2013 Scarlett Wines Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • USA
  • California
  • Napa Valley
  • Rutherford

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Community Tasting Note

  • vintage1949 wrote: 91 points

    February 7, 2017 - Ok-I am going against the crowd. Hit me over the head with empty bottles. First-those people with palates that enjoy a higher toned wine this is perfect for them. The wine is wonderfully balanced with a great finish. Perfectly made for those that want this type of wine. Yes there is a slight dark vein running through the wine. But as prounounced as the gold veins in my gold stocks. Not much!

    I like the drier aspects with deep flavors of earth, leather, brush-you get the idea. (Ok-I am going to get it for this remark-but I can take it) kind of like a child ordering a Shirley Temple instead of a dark, rich Cabernet. However everyone has different palates and this may be for you. Here we go again more humor--->maybe they should call this wine Shirley Temple Cabernet Sauvignon. Dave

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  • Vinomeglio commented:

    2/7/17, 12:33 PM - Too young? I'm not touching my 2013s for a few more years.

  • csimm1161 commented:

    2/7/17, 4:33 PM - Always have to respect a difference of opinion! I haven't touched my 2013s since August of 2016, but last time I had it, this wine seemed like it was transitioning into a really good place. However, if your thing is leather bound tobacco leaf notes with more classically driven red currant and earth types of flavors, the Scarlett is pretty much a departure from that profile. Of Mike Smith wines, maybe you'd enjoy the Carter lineup more - For me, Carter epitomizes a perfect marriage between amazingly intense/unctuously modern versus some classical restraint (without sacrificing complexity - if that makes any sense). Just my humble 2 cents. Thanks for the note and perspective.

  • Badmonkey commented:

    2/7/17, 7:57 PM - I can see how this cab is not for everyone especially for an individual that prefers a profile of earth, leather, brush, etc.. The 2013 Scarlett clearly does not fit that profile. However, I find it interesting that you enjoyed the the 2013 Vineyard 29 Cru quite a bit more so than the 2013 Scarlett. I'm not sure that I've had more of a "shirley temple" cab recently than the 2013 Cru besides the 2013 Caymus.

  • vintage1949 commented:

    2/8/17, 5:14 AM - Who knows-each palate is different. I fully respect your comments and you may be correct. Maybe it was an off day for me with the Cru. Thanks-I love it when people disagree with me. A learn a lot. Dave

  • vintage1949 commented:

    2/8/17, 5:17 AM - Dear 1161-Thanks for your comment. This is how I learn more about wine and love it when people disagree. I will be buying Carter. Thanks for the kind note. Dave

  • vintage1949 commented:

    2/8/17, 5:18 AM - BigTex-I have one bottle left and will let it sit for a few years. Dave

  • Badmonkey commented:

    2/8/17, 5:21 AM - Dave, I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you. I just found it interesting. As you more or less noted, everyone has different tastes and preferences. The 2013 Cru did follow a 2013 Tor Melanson cab which was quite a bit bigger and darker so the Cru kind of came across like a fruit bomb. Maybe the Cru will show better by itself. Take care.

  • vintage1949 commented:

    2/8/17, 5:25 AM - Thanks for your kind post and feel free to fully disagree with me. I love good discussions. Dave

  • happytom commented:

    2/8/17, 7:28 AM - This comment is to Badmonkey. You bring up a good point. There are those who like only the new world fruit bombs that are highly extracted. And those who like the more earthy, subtle, and restrained wines (old world). Each camp will declare their version as what a cab should be. Fortunately, I go both ways (at least in wine that is!). I can enjoy both. Depends on my mood, and as long as it is well made. But there was something about the Scarlett that bothered me. As I mentioned to Vintage1949, perhaps it needs time to settle down and to integrate. Time will tell. Hope I'm around to see Vintage1949's future review of the Scarlett. Cheers.

  • Badmonkey commented:

    2/8/17, 8:09 AM - Tom, I'm in full agreement with you and I'm not one to argue whether old world or new world is better. Once again, everyone has different tastes and preferences. However, I just find it interesting when there appears to be inconsistencies. As for the 2013 Scarlett, I love how it is drinking now but I can more than understand how others would prefer to see it soften some. That's the one complaint that I've had from a couple guests is that the tannins are too big/strong. I guess I tend to like my cabs like that as long as the fruit isn't closed, tight, or tart but that style obviously isn't for everyone. Take care.

  • vintage1949 commented:

    2/12/17, 10:37 AM - Hi Badmonkey,
    Sometimes it is hard to put words into what you like and dislike. I am verse surprised that I did like this wine. Will age the second bottle for three years and see what happens.

  • Badmonkey commented:

    2/12/17, 11:08 AM - Dave, as we've both referenced before, we all have different tastes and preferences. Once again, I like how it is drinking now but I can more than understand how others may not like it. For those that have had it at my house I would say it was almost divided - those that really loved it and others that thought it was too big/strong and it needed time. Take care.

  • vintage1949 commented:

    2/13/17, 8:28 AM - Badmonkey-most interesting. Will have to serve it to a group of guests in a couple of years and get people's opinions. Dave

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    7/15/17, 9:54 PM - Shirley Temple Cabernet Sauvignon? Sounds like a rosé ;-)

  • vintage1949 commented:

    7/23/17, 11:08 AM - Maybe they can serve with an umbrella. (Just kidding for those that lave this wine)

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    7/25/17, 1:27 AM - Brolly sounds luvly ;-)

  • Badmonkey commented:

    7/25/17, 6:46 AM - I actually had another bottle last week. Although I didn't lave it, I thought it was pretty darn good. I don't always agree with Parker but no surprise that he rated it 95 points...

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    7/26/17, 1:11 AM - We do not "always" agree with anyone...even ourselves...but interesting comment. Thanks!

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