2007 Seña

Red Bordeaux Blend

  • Chile
  • Aconcagua Valley

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Community Tasting Note

  • forceberry wrote: 87 points

    September 17, 2013 - Considered to be one of the top red wines drom Chile. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (57%), Carménère (20%), Merlot (12%), Cabernet Franc (6%) and Petit Verdot (5%) from biodynamically cultivated vineyards, mostly fermented in stainless steel, with 6% of the wine fermented in new oak barrels. Aged for 22 months in new oak barrels. At 96 Parker Points this has been the highest-scoring vintage of Seña.

    Very dark, almost black ruby red color. Bold, opulent and quite concentrated nose with aromas of modern new world Bdx-blends: sweet cassis, overripe red fruits, some smoke and a good dose of oak in the form of dark chocolate, sweet spices, mocha and caramel; there are also underlying minty and eucalyptus hints of Chilean Cab. On the palate there is an initial sweet and soft attack, after which the wine turns out to be quite dry, firm and tightly-knit with stern, tannic structure. There are bold, extracted flavors of sweet cassis, juicy red berries, vanilla, some peppermint, a little oaky chocolate and a touch of alcohol. Although the new oak character shows quite much, the fruit is concentrated enough to stay on the fore, keeping the oak well-integrated. The acidity is pretty low, making the wine lack some focus and brightness. Overall the wine feels quite a blockbuster, but even though it is big, it actually shows some balance and sensibility with good tannic structure. The finish is long, powerful and juicy with a lot of emphasis on the sweeter flavors; there are succulent flavors of ripe - almost overripe - dark fruits, sweet milk chocolate, extracted new oak spice, some peppery spice, light minty notes and a hint of alcohol warmth.

    This is a big, bold and structured Bordeaux blend that is unmistakably Chilean in character. Out of the many Chilean cult wines I've tasted, this is definitely the most impressive one, yet still not one for my taste; this is just too monolithic, sweet and - above all - overoaked concentration bomb. Having now tasted this, I can understand why so many people swoon over this wine, but I find it hard to get excited over these clumsy monster wines. Perhaps 10-15 more years might help? At 84,90€, I am not going to try it out myself. The wine shows really poor value, as you can get some really impressive classics at half the price. Although an impressive cult wine, Seña feels just really excessively overpriced. At third of the retail price I might consider it worth its value.

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  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    3/29/17, 7:29 PM - Wow, thanks for your comprehensive note and rating. "clumsy monster wines"...nice description ;-). We definitely agree regarding QPR. Equally, we doubt the 10-15 years might help as, in our limited experience, Seña should be singing around now. Hmm...interesting...

  • forceberry commented:

    3/29/17, 10:53 PM - Thanks for you comment. As we have different tastes in music, we have different tastes in wine as well. While you might think Seña 2007 is singing now, I highly doubt it'd be the same for me. You might think Señas rich, polished and bass-heavy singing voice is the peak of its expression, whereas I might favor the lighter, nuanced clarity and slight raspiness that might emerge with age - or then it never doesn't.

    Of course it could be interesting to return to this wine after these 3-4 years, yet I highly doubt that this wine hasn't attained much sophistication in such a short time to make it more pleasurable for me.

  • BuzzzzOff commented:

    3/30/17, 5:53 PM - Very true, forceberry. We tend to be quite eclectic in our preferences...oftentimes it is purely about the environment, people with whom we are sipping and how we feel. 2008 Harlan the other night after 10 hours breathing in the bottle was luscious, salacious and, despite not being exactly what we usually seek, downright awesome. Keep on singing 'n sipping ;-)

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