2014 Carter Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Las Piedras Vineyard

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • USA
  • California
  • Napa Valley

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  • #1Winelover Likes this wine: 98 points

    June 2, 2017 - WOTN and it sure was an interesting tasting: Carter's '14 LPV, Chat du Pape '10 (100 points), Continuum '08 and a 1st growth Grand Cru Bordeaux from 1985. I listed these in order of preference for both of us (a good friend).

    The Carter LPV needed 2 hours in a wide bodied decanter and it was just awesome. It tasted like a Carter/Mike Smith/Las Piedras Vineyard wine. 1st off, the bottle was very heavy :). 2nd, the wine was awesome. Typical LPV notes of dark purple and blue/red fruits, lots of minerality and charcoal and chocolate on the finish. Mike did a really nice job with this wine. It's 98 now, but it could go higher as it really needed more than 2 hours of a decant. It's ready, but will be better in a year or three. Enjoy it -- I am very confidant that you will!

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  • csimm1161 commented:

    6/2/17, 4:36 PM - Nice note! I haven't had this since it was first bottled a year ago. Looking forward to revisiting it in a more controlled environment (AKA: at home).

  • Badmonkey commented:

    6/2/17, 7:15 PM - As usual, nice note. I'm assuming ideally another 1 to 2 years? Mike recommended at least one year from the release so around this Fall. Trying to be patient but hard to do so in light of such reviews.

  • alsatl commented:

    6/2/17, 8:06 PM - Better than Quivet LPV at this point? I saw you rated that high as well. I haven't popped either yet but will soon. Thanks for the note.

  • Cristal2000 commented:

    6/3/17, 10:00 AM - Winelover - Thanks for the review. The 2015 was absolutely unreal last weekend, so I am very happy to know the 2014 is shaping up well. Since you are Mr. LPV, what is the hierarchy in your opinion? I know you drink plenty from there, including Fairchild, Fait Main, Vice Versa, Stewart Nomad etc. And while I'm thinking about it, curious your view of Fairchild Stones 1 (LPV) @ $350 from Melka and Vice Versa LPV @ $175 from Melka.

  • #1Winelover commented:

    6/3/17, 2:13 PM - Hum, C2, that's a tough one and I will give it some thought. You forgot about Quivet and Schrader but I'll let you slide :). I have only had 1 wine from LPV that was just fair, and that was Anthem. The best part of that wine was the very cool bottle! I will be back to you. And then i will ask you to do the same for Dr. Crane, although I think I know it will be Realm...

  • #1Winelover commented:

    6/4/17, 6:06 AM - These wines are very close, with the exception of Schrader, which I would rate a little lower.

    1. Fait Main. Year in and year out, it's my favorite wine. It has everything that I look for in a wine. That said, Phillipe Melka is on a tear.
    2. Vice Versa -- with the caveat that I have only had the '14. But I have re-purchased it twice. For '15, I also purchased their reserve, which should be interesting as to my knowledge, nobody offers a reserve from this vineyard because you don't need it! Much like Crane.
    3. Stones 1 -- this would be #1 except for the price. I really like Benoit and Melka right now.
    4. Carter -- can't wait to try the '15s. I purchased both bottlings and look forward to the delineation.
    5. Stewart Nomad -- This is right in the middle of the pack. Only worry moving forward is that their everyday winemaker (husband of Caroline Stewart) is now in charge. Less of Paul Hobbs. The '12 is drinking amazing right now.
    6. Quivet -- Best value and really really good. I agree with Mike that Quivet is the cousin of Carter but they don't get the ratings. I'm glad so the price stays right.
    7. Schrader -- really good; just not as good as everyone else. And, I'm a fan of TRB.

    I have never had Paul Hobbs LPV, basically due to price and I have enough producers in my lineup already.

  • Cristal2000 commented:

    6/4/17, 6:52 PM - Very interesting Winelover. Based on your Fairchild comment, I imagine these ratings are QPR related. The one time I had Fait Main LPV (2013), it was just flat. Either a shut down period, or just a bad bottle I guess. I will have to give it a shot again. So interesting how Schrader seems to be falling behind on a lot of comparisons. CSIMM and I had it not long ago (as you might remember), and it got crushed by Tusk, Realm and Maybach. Gonna have to finally give up that list. Thanks for the insight! I have some 2015 Vice Versa's coming, including the crazy Magnificent Seven, so really looking forward to seeing Melka's work at a price point about half of Fairchild.

  • #1Winelover commented:

    6/7/17, 5:27 AM - Remember -- that although Melka is the winemaker to both Vice Versa and Fairchild, the proprietors get involved with the blend as well. From what I'm told, that's why Mark Carter's wines taste a little different from Mike's labels. Anyway - fair enough. Stones is twice as expensive and although better, only slightly (tiny) better!

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