2015 By Farr Pinot Noir "Farrside"

Pinot Noir

  • Australia
  • Victoria
  • Port Phillip
  • Geelong

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Community Tasting Note


  • michael_cooke commented:

    8/16/17, 3:53 AM - Wow, that's some pretty unflattering reviews!!
    I must say I wasn't bowled over, especially given the reputation & vintage.
    But I didn't find them that bad.
    Do you think there potential there for future development?

  • chatters commented:

    8/17/17, 7:46 AM - ha ha, yeah, sorry...I've had a six year old Farrside and it was still a bit ashy and stalky though the fruit was more present...I'm with you...there is a massive reputation here and, though I've actually purchased the wines previously, I still don't get the fuss. Pinot is such a fickle grape and I understand why they are doing massive stalk inclusion/whole bunch but I'm not sure it really works at these levels for me...perhaps more age will assist further...but it's a long time to wait and a fair amount to invest...

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