2010 McWilliam's Mount Pleasant Wines Sémillon Single Vineyard Lovedale


  • Australia
  • New South Wales
  • Hunter Valley

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Community Tasting Note

  • Indran Rajendra Likes this wine:

    October 7, 2017 - Green gold appearance. Opulent expansive bouquet of lime, mandarin, hay, white flowers, wet earth and a hint of lychees.Balanced palate with vivid definition of flavour. Great balance and length. Drunk at 8 degrees C. Best after 10 minutes in the decanter and starts simplifying at 35 minutes. Riedel Bordeaux glasses. Score 100



  • sunnylea57 commented:

    10/8/17, 7:25 AM - I like your tasting notes, but I was surprised by your 100 pt score on this, so I took a look at your other scores. I'm curious how every wine you've reviewed has scored 95 points or higher, with a very high percentage scoring 100. How is that possible? Seems like a bit of wishful thinking (or score inflation).

  • Indran Rajendra commented:

    10/8/17, 12:43 PM - In general, I only write notes for the wines that score the highest ratings. Therefore, there are wines with lesser scores that do not appear in my tasting notes. I stand by my scores and over the last 25 years of wine tasting they have proven to be consistent in serial and blind tastings. There are a few wines that I score highly that I also have in large quantities but most like this one I have only a few left and do not intend to sell them. For me this is a 100 point wine.

  • redrich2000 commented:

    10/10/17, 4:46 AM - Your scores are ridiculous and inflate the overall scores for wines, particularly when you've reviewed it multiple times. It would be best for the usefulness of CT if you reduced your scored by 4 points or left the scores off entirely.

  • sunnylea57 commented:

    10/10/17, 5:13 AM - "For me this is a 100 point wine." That says it all. You are not following the standards established for grading wine. A 100 point wine is flawless in every way, with unsurpassable depth, complexity, length, balance. And absolutely perfect expression of the wine. And yet, for this wine you say it "starts simplifying at 35 minutes". You've just established it's not a 100 point wine. Please get over yourself and learn how to grade properly. You're doing a disservice to the community with your scores.

  • Indran Rajendra commented:

    10/11/17, 1:05 AM - I'm happy with my scores. I rarely sell wine so would not benefit from score inflation. Many of my scores are similar to well known wine critics such as Robert Parker for the same wine so I don't think I am deluding myself. Robert Parker scored 100 points Chateau Pavie 2000,Pontet Canet 2009,2010,Pape Clement 2009 and Leoville Poyferre 2009. I scored the same or similar for these wines and others. It's not score inflation it's just drinking good wine.Life's too short to drink bad wine.

  • sunnylea57 commented:

    10/11/17, 6:09 AM - Fair enough, but could I make a request? If you post multiple tasting notes for the same wine, only post your score once. For subsequent notes, you could include your score in the body of the tasting note. The reason: when you post a score multiple times for the same wine, it skews the overall score. An example is the 2007 Woodlands "Margaret". There are 38 tasting notes, and 12 of them are yours. The average community score is 93.1. If you eliminate your 12 scores, the average score is 91.4. You can see how your multiple scores affect the average, and how it is no longer an accurate reflection of community opinion.

  • Indran Rajendra commented:

    10/11/17, 11:29 AM - I see your point sunnylea57. In wines where my notes make up a large proportion of the total notes, I will place the score in the body of the notes and leave the score box not rated.

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