2014 CrossBarn (Paul Hobbs) Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • USA
  • California
  • Napa Valley

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Community Tasting Note

  • J.S wrote: 91 points

    April 17, 2018 - Coravin pour with the aerator.

    This wine opens with a tremendous bouquet, of dark red cherry, currants, cassis, and a slight hint of heat.
    Dark inky red in the glass, this wine looks and smells worthy of its Paul Hobbs name.

    Diving in, a smooth mouthfeel of dark red cherry and tart blueberry coupled with subtle spicyness leads into a slightly dryer then average delicate sweet tannic finish. This wine doesn’t come across as overly “full bodied”, as its maximum width and depth doesn’t last long, and never really packs much of a punch. This is definitely on the delicate side of Napa Cabs. This wine is easy drinking, and invites you back in for more. The subtle heat felt on the nose isn’t noticeable on the palate. The biggest attribute is definitely its fruit, Paul has let the pure fruit take centre stage on this, and likely performed minimal new oakage, which also probably explains its lack of substance. Think a more sophisticated Orin Swift Palermo.

    After trying the true Paul Hobbs premium wines previously, such as the Dr. Crane and Nathan Coombs, this wine is not even in the same universe, its simply so much lighter, and perhaps watered down as a comparative term? Nothing stands out as overly impressive. I would say it has nicer fruit however...

    If this wine had more substance its rating would definitely go up. Would love to try this after its sat in some premium French oak, Marcel Cadet water bent barrels and their butter scotch power would go a long way.

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  • tomoem commented:

    4/30/18, 7:41 PM - Bravo on your very succinct notes. I found them spot on. I tasted this wine alongside P. Hobbs Cabernet (non single vineyard). The P. Hobbs is much better but is also more than twice the price but .....worth it.

    This is thin, slightly watery, but well flavored with cherry and cedar wood dominating the flavor profile. I would say it is an OK wine but not much more.

  • J.S commented:

    5/1/18, 10:15 AM - Hi Tomoem,
    Thanks for the reply, I would agree the Paul Hobbs Napa Valley wine is my favorite also, and definitely the best value. When I tasted it alongside the single vineyard varietals at the estate the Napa blend was unfortunately superior, not the best situation when its a quarter of the price vs the single vineyards.

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