2016 Produttori del Barbaresco Langhe Nebbiolo


  • Italy
  • Piedmont
  • Langhe
  • Langhe DOC

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Community Tasting Note

  • ex-sommelier wrote:

    August 12, 2018 - I'm a bit split by this bottle right now. Aroma is very forward, with strong notes of red cherry and cherry pit and cinnamon. The palate is quite robust with very rough grained tannin, making me think this needs a few years to settle down. I love Produttori's Barbaresco's and Riservas, but a Langhe nebbiolo really shouldn't need to age. I was also surprised to detect oak in the profile. It showed better with a protein heavy meal, but really quite bound up right now.

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  • sleepyhaus commented:

    8/13/18, 7:48 AM - This does need age. Aldo Vacca (head of the Produttori consortio) said that this is basically all Barbaresco, and that in '15 and '16 in particular the quality is absolutely sufficient for it to be Barbaresco, but that they continue to bottle this because of demand and expectation. Even in somewhat lesser years I find this much better about 5 years out from the vintage. I suspect this would be good at 10 or more, though I'm unlikely to wait that long.

  • ex-sommelier commented:

    8/13/18, 8:43 AM - Yea I've heard the Vacca interviews, I just don't think one should make a Langhe Nebbiolo that needs to age, I already buy the Barbaresco for not much more money and just lay those down for 8-10 years. This was perfectly good quality for 19$, but my expectations for a LN is to be ready to drink on release.

  • sleepyhaus commented:

    8/14/18, 6:25 AM - For my preferences I disagree. I paid $15.20 delivered. If Produttori wants to sell me what is very near in quality to their Barbaresco for under $16, who am I to complain? There are plenty of easier/earlier drinking nebbiolo wines out there, but none that I'm aware of offering as much wine for as little money.

  • ex-sommelier commented:

    8/14/18, 11:13 AM - That's a terrific price, I can't find it for less than 19.95 here in SoCal, and since with coupons I can get the Barbaresco from Total wine for ~24 (lord knows that probably won't last), I usually just stock up on that, I find it light years better. I just need to find a cellar defender nebbiolo that doesn't need time!

  • sleepyhaus commented:

    8/14/18, 11:40 AM - Yeah, that was at WineLibrary for awhile there and I had the shipping pass. They sometimes get crazy deals (also bought '14 Thivin for about 15.50 delivered). At 20/24 it's less of a deal. In some years I see a lot of difference but I feel that the '15/'16 are close to the normale in quality.

    For good cellar defenders that are ready to go, I suggest Vajra's Langhe Nebbiolo and Langhe Rosso. However, the former is typically close to $20, and the latter is a blend. Both are quite good though.

  • dhp. commented:

    8/15/18, 9:34 AM - Also the produttori barbarescos have been going up in price the last two vintages. By the time 2016 comes out, it'll be hard to find it under 30, even with a coupon

  • ex-sommelier commented:

    8/15/18, 10:06 AM - Ughh, I've noticed, K&L has the 2015 on prearrival for something like 38 bucks, I'm just keeping my eye on my local total wine and hoping they get the next vintage in without noticing the price!!!

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