2003 Château Bellevue St. Émilion Grand Cru

Red Bordeaux Blend

  • France
  • Bordeaux
  • Libournais
  • St. Émilion Grand Cru

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Community Tasting Note

  • Eric wrote: 96 points

    January 2, 2019 - My goodness this is drinking well, assuming you enjoy a super-ripe, hot vintage exemplar. Smoky, cocoa-laden, and screaming of right bank Merlot. This is truly delicious without the least hint of dried fruit or overripeness. It is surprisingly fresh with just a touch of green, spicy tobacco. Mostly this, this screams of really lovely Merlot. Really, surprisingly delicious. If you have some, pop one now.

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  • Enfantterrible commented:

    1/3/19, 1:04 AM - Happy New Year Eric! I’ve got 5 bottles left and will open one soon

  • Mark1npt commented:

    1/3/19, 6:33 AM - It's a fabulous wine at a great price, too! Agree completely.

  • Eric commented:

    1/3/19, 6:44 AM - Yes, it is a heck of a bargain. Probably the best $46 bottle of Merlot I have ever had.

  • Oskiwawa commented:

    1/3/19, 10:20 AM - Happy New Years Eric,

    Purchased mine EP and have not tried one for several years now. Your review provides the motivation to open one this weekend.

  • Mark1npt commented:

    1/3/19, 10:50 AM - Oski, drink some now it's in a good place.

  • Oskiwawa commented:

    1/3/19, 11:05 AM - Mark, will do this coming Friday. Have 22 left from 2 cases so it is definitely time to start on them. For grins I just went back and looked at the original receipt. $529 a case in June of 2004.

  • Mark1npt commented:

    1/3/19, 11:41 AM - Awesome wine at that price, pal! I've picked up a few bottles the last few years at auction for $50-60 and been quite pleased with them. It's not Latour but it's very, very nice and at that price, just beautiful with some French bistro cuisine.

    ps....Mr. deBouard who owns Angelus literally across the street, purchased Bellevue in 2008 I believe and started a compete overhaul of the property, vines, etc. He has also been the winemaker for Angelus for a while and since '08 for Bellevue as well. His '09 Bellevue was his first really good crop as owner and you can get those fairly reasonable at $50-60 a bottle today when you can find them. Angelus is always a blend of cab franc/merlot blend to some degree while the Bellevue to my understanding is always 100% merlot. To me personally, Bellevue and Branaire Ducru are the quality BDX bargains of a lifetime these days.

  • djhammond commented:

    1/3/19, 11:42 AM - Thanks for the heads up. I am a great fan of 2003, but to date the right bank has been the poor sibling. I have not tried this for a couple of years and have nearly a full case remaining. Relish the next bottle!

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