2017 Domaine des Lambrays Clos des Lambrays

Pinot Noir

  • France
  • Burgundy
  • Côte de Nuits
  • Clos des Lambrays Grand Cru

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Community Tasting Note

  • nskelsey wrote: 89 points

    January 16, 2019 - Oh dear, what has gone wrong here. The great Thierry Brouin retired last year after almost 40 years at the helm to be replaced by Boris Champy of Louis Latour and if this particular bottle sample is typical then a serious inquest needs to take place. In colour it's medium light in colour, we're talking strawberry juice tones here (not a bad thing) and on the nose there are pleasant spicy red fruit notes, but then it all goes seriously downhill. On the palate it's medium-light and dilute while the finish is, well, there isn't one! Not sure if it was me I handed a sample blind to a respected vigneron who confirmed my impressions, stating he thought is was "feeble" and was shocked to learn the origin. We're talking £250 a bottle here and it was the worst wine out of 72 red Burgs on offer. The doubt that is in my mind is that the cask sample notes from some top professional tasters view this wine completely differently, but I can only state it as I see it. If you're thinking of buying this I would urge you to taste first because on this showing there were basic Bourgogne Rouge wines at 1/10th the price that were more satisfying. Estimated maturity: Irrelevant on this showing and I gave it 89 because I lost my nerve looking at the name on the label

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  • Snowey commented:

    4/25/20, 10:07 AM - Any chance it was a bad bottle? Seems like your experience is way different than other notes on CT.

  • nskelsey commented:

    4/25/20, 10:21 AM - Hello Snowey, I too have seen all the other reviews and can only assume that this bottle was faulty in some way, but precisely in what way I cannot fathom. It didn’t have the usual characteristics of a faulty wine. I have tasted this wine every year since 2002 and have some samples in my cellar (2002, 2003, 2005), but needless to say my experience is well and truly out voted by others (not to mention the great Allen Meadows) so I shall put this in the folder marked “one of life’s great mysteries”. For the record the 2018 is terrific.

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