2016 Château Tour Saint-Christophe

Red Bordeaux Blend

  • France
  • Bordeaux
  • Libournais
  • St. Émilion Grand Cru

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Community Tasting Note

  • Purple Tooth wrote:

    February 2, 2019 - Theres something unpleasant about squeezing Merlot too hard and it shows in this wine...Drank alongside a 2015 Dufrey Vivant from Margaux, it was almost unpleasant, especially in the bouquet. It came across hot and racy, but it was clearly a powerful wine. What was killing it next to the Margaux wine was the bouquet. It had chicken coop features (not to be confused with barnyard/brett), like what a Monstrall/Mourvedre throws off. I just received my case and my magnums and I'm a bit deflated and miffed. I won't rate this until I try another bottle...XXX

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  • BadaBingAgain commented:

    2/2/19, 8:03 PM - I’d be curious to know if those off putting scents dissipated over time. I just ordered a case myself, but wont ship for at least 2 more weeks.

  • Purple Tooth commented:

    2/3/19, 8:09 AM - I think that we can become very judgmental about wine because we are usually drinking more than one wine in one sitting. If I was drinking this wine by itself, the chicken poop/coop may not have been as pronounced. As for the wine itself, I think that even a clean version would be over rated as it was in 2015. I will be opening a magnum soon to see what the hell is going on...Good luck on yours and drop a line when you do try one. Adios :-)

  • samatoid commented:

    2/3/19, 1:39 PM - I found it much much better the 2nd day (open bottle)

  • BadaBingAgain commented:

    2/3/19, 2:06 PM - Thank you both for follow ups! I’ve never tried it before, and while I usually don’t fall for the ratings BS, I have to admit, it’s what’s lured me to my purchase. Hopefully they’ll be good enough to avoid the transfer over to the ‘future gifts’ section of my cellar.
    Chin Chin!

  • Mr.Overhill commented:

    7/13/19, 11:10 AM - I'm going through a split right now and until you mentioned the chicken coop effect I didn't even think of it, but yes, there's a certain chemical taste on the finish that makes it last much longer than expected that would suggest this flavor. I really like the wine on the front of the tongue and even though the merlot is a bit too hot for me, it's still a very solid effort if you like more of a fruit bomb profile. Maybe the coop will dissipate once it's been in bottle for another year or two? I definitely didn't get this aftertaste on the 14s and 15s of the SC..

  • Purple Tooth commented:

    7/13/19, 12:46 PM - Ok, thanks for confirming Im not crazy...I think that its off-putting when you drink it alongside other wines, but not as pronounced alone. What I don't understand are the high ratings on wines like this...They are a nice alternative to California Oak bombs, but this one seems to be busting out of its seams...

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