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N.V. Fallet-Gourron Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Extra-Brut


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Community Tasting Note

  • forceberry wrote: 89 points

    January 10, 2019 - Apparently this producer in Avize makes mainly two bottlings of Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs: one Brut with dosage and without dosage, which might be labeled as "Extra Brut", "Brut Nature" or "Non-Dosé". Furthermore, the wines are labeled either as "Fallet-Gourron", "Fallet-M", "Fallet-Crouzat" or "Fallet-Prevostat". Apparently the wines do not have any differences, but are just bottles labeled differently for each of the winemaker's daughters. This particular wine was "Fallet-Gourron Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut" with 12% alcohol and 0 g/l dosage. Tasted blind.

    Medium-deep, luminous golden yellow color. Big, complex and rather sweet-toned nose with somewhat atypical aromas of peach, caramel, some golden raisins, a little bit of kumquat, light cooked cream tones and even a hint of liver pâté. Very distinctive nose, to say the least. The wine is moderately full-bodied, vinous and toasty on the palate with bone-dry yet deceptively sweet-toned flavors of cremy panna cotta, autolytic toast, some peach candy, a little bit of butter, light banana tones and a hint of apple jam. The high acidity lends good sense of freshness and structure to the wine while keeping the sweeter tones in check with the very robust, fizzy and persistent mousse. The finish is long, lively and complex with ripe flavors of chalky minerality, apple purée, some creamy richness, a little bit of peachy stone fruit, light leesy notes of yeast and a hint of apple peel bitterness.

    A very weird, fun and tasty Blanc de Blancs that was something one was really not expecting from the style. Remarkably vinous, rich and sweet-toned even at 0 g/l dosage, I can imagine this wine can get just too rich and candied as a Brut version. Really atypical aromatics and flavors, one really needs to know what this bottle is going to offer or it will certainly take the drinker by surprise. Tasting this blind, I had no idea that this wine could be a) Blanc de Blancs; b) non-dosage wine. Weird and atypical, but enjoyable all the same - if perhaps not that serious. Complex, yes, but not in the traditional sense of Champagne. Priced somewhat according to its quality at 45-50€.



  • WEB,III commented:

    9/27/19, 12:19 AM - They also bottle under Fallet-Crouzet. There are (4) separate labels, i.e. Prevostat, Gurron, M, & Crouzet. Most likely the reason for multiple labels is for tax purposes. I have read that the proprietor has 3-4 daughters, and all daughters have a label for themselves.

  • txangu commented:

    9/27/19, 1:06 AM - I visit them very often to buy directly. I have all the names but Fallet-M on the label. They are doing three different BdB: Brut (not buying it anymore), Extra-Brut (my favourite) and Zero Dosage (wife's favourite). Exactly the same base wine in all labels. I don't remind the exact dosage but the extra-brut is not a Zero. The daughters are doctors, so the different labelling comes from the name they took when marrying. Apparently now they have hopes on one of the granddaughters who is studying agronomy to continue the family business

  • WEB,III commented:

    9/27/19, 1:21 AM - Thank you for the feedback. I own, or have drunk, all but M as well. I have never seen an M bottling and have only read about it. Enjoy!

  • forceberry commented:

    9/27/19, 1:07 PM - Thank you for your enlightening comments, I've amended my TN according to the information!

    However, the person who arranged the tasting this wine was in said that he was originally told the Extra Brut was 0 g/l dosage upon purchasing the bottle. I can't remember anymore if the wine label told similarly as well, since I didn't take any pictures of the labels.

    Furthermore, some sources I googled said that they currently make only two cuvées: Brut and Extra Brut. I'd live to know if there is any confirmation that there are really three different cuvées: Brut, Extra-Brut and Brut Nature - and the latter two are truly based on the same base wine, not from different bottlings?

  • WEB,III commented:

    9/27/19, 1:28 PM - It is possible not to add dosage and still have a small amount of RS in the wine, so that technically the wine is classified as Extra Brut.
    I have never seen a Brut Nature classification from any of the 4 labels and would be surprised if indeed Brut Nature exists.

  • txangu commented:

    9/28/19, 4:07 AM - In my twitter feed you can check all three types: Brut, Extra-Brut and Non-Dosé. https://twitter.com/search?q=zampatxangu%20fallet&src=typed_query&f=live
    All three bottlings and all labels, believe me, are based on the same base wine. Only difference is the dosage

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