2014 The Mascot

Red Bordeaux Blend

  • USA
  • California
  • Napa Valley

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  • msuwright wrote: 94 points

    November 13, 2019 - This rich and layered Cabernet is drinking impressively right now, with succulent, pure fruit up front and a dusty, tannic structure underneath. It's refreshing; it's delicious; and it's a value ($100) - hard to ask for more! I thought the earlier vintages of the Mascot were a bit raw, but the Bond craftsmanship is present in this wine (along, perhaps, with some Promontory fruit, which gives the wine a refreshing aspect). I wouldn't call this a second wine (that is what the Matriarch and Maiden are for), but it's an intriguing - and tasty - "third" wine for the money.

    Dark purple in color and full in body, the wine offers aromas of blueberry pie, menthol, black licorice, and pine needles. Tastes of black cherry, blackberry tart, menthol, and graphite, with a lovely finish that is both sweet and structured. 14.8% alcohol. The purity of fruit here is remarkable, with enough tannin and acidity to make it all work - in a polished but unique package. 94+ for now, with upside in another year or two.

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  • Cristal2000 commented:

    11/13/19, 8:55 PM - Man, you dug right in! Good on you. Happy to hear it is showing well. Finding a "deal" in the Harlan world is well, normally impossible, but I've become more and more compelled by Mascot. They make a shit ton of it, but given the craftsmanship and attention to quality, I find it to be a super opportunity. Now consider they give it a lot of age before release, and we have 15 and 16 to look forward to, and it's setup pretty damn well for a couple years here.

  • msuwright commented:

    11/13/19, 9:03 PM - Ha! Yeah, hypothetically speaking, it may have arrived today, spent a few hours in the wine refrigerator, and been opened. So this could be a case of "bottle shock" helping a wine, but I doubt it: this fits with what I know (and love) about the Bond / Harlan portfolio (a place where bargain hunters go to die) - rich, restrained, balanced, classy.

    Even aside from the fancy font, though, this kind of wine helps ease my frustration with several $100-ish wines lately (e.g., Bard). The Mascot isn't cheap, but it's quite good. You're right, too, that the late release schedule gives a bit of a runway here (I will eagerly await the 2015). I'll be curious what you think, whenever you open the wine (at a more prudent time, I hope)!

  • Cristal2000 commented:

    11/13/19, 9:09 PM - Lol. I honestly thought heavily about popping a bottle myself, but have a 15 Smith Haut Lafitte on day 2 and had to finish it up. I absolutely love having all this new wine to dive into and my patience is about as good as yours. I bought 16 Bond, 13-14 Promontory and 16 Harlan, so I am definitely starting to become a massive idiot with wine spending. :) But seriously, this Mascot is damn good and like you said, for $100 it can really kick the shit of out of supposedly 98pt blends out there (cough Realm...). I am looking forward to getting into one. If it's good, gotta go SUPER deep on 15 and 16. The new House Wine? :)

  • msuwright commented:

    11/13/19, 9:20 PM - Yes, we'll descend into bankruptcy together, but at least the tasting notes will be good! I was thinking earlier today that my own personal combination of (a) lack of impulse control and (b) excess of discretionary income are a wine producers' dream.

    Anyway, on a substantive note, I've gone through the same mix of discovery / guilt regarding the Bond / Harlan / Promontory world. At times I worry if it's just the air of exclusivity / luxury / history that draws you in (and, to be fair, that's the Bordeaux game, too, though they had a few centuries' head start). Still, I think their wines offer a compelling, classy, nuanced middle ground in the world of Napa - I just wish that ground was cheaper!

    Which all brings it back to the $100 wine with a dog on label. I look forward to hearing what you think!

  • wdcwineguys commented:

    11/14/19, 5:35 AM - I echo many of your sentiments about the value of this wine and going broke buying too much wine ;-). To celebrate my 2014's arriving, I opened a bottle of '12. Since my wine has to cross the country I like to give it a couple of weeks to settle down. At the $100 price point this wine stacks up to many more expensive bottles.

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