2013 Dominus Napanook Red

Red Bordeaux Blend

  • USA
  • California
  • Napa Valley

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Community Tasting Note

  • Marquis du Vin wrote: 88 points

    July 17, 2020 - So i opened this last night to have with steak! Let's just say my meat had way more going on than this wine... I was very disappointed. Just was pretty dead on the pallet. Nothing at all going on save for a nice medium body silky texture; lacked any fruit what so ever. In defense, was a bit tannic, but I did decant for an hour+ which usually helps things a bit. Sad to say I have 5 more $70 BLAH bottles to put back into storage.
    I remember the days ('97s, 2004-2009) when this wine used to give the mouth much delight! I also have 2014s - gosh I hope they are better than this! Seems as if either get the real deal here or pass. I recently had 1 of 6 2011 Dominus - amazing wine in a difficult vintage. At $140/bottle I'd much rather have them... Very sad... C'mon Christian you can do better than this!!! Let's hope I'M WRONG here.... Time will tell...

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  • oldwines commented:

    7/17/20, 8:00 PM - I would suggest 2 things...The wine is in a dumb phase...I never drink wines like this between 6-9 years old and it needs way more that an hour in the decanter...I would suggest 3 hours before even trying it. Don’t try another until after its 10th birthday and give it a long decant, you should have a much better experience. Cheers!

    FYI - I am a buddy of SKURTZ who I gather you are familiar with...

    “oldwines” aka Dave

  • Marquis du Vin commented:

    7/18/20, 4:14 AM - Oldwines "Dave" I appreciate your advice and most certainly will do that! Let's hope it is worth the wait... Thank you!

  • RayT commented:

    9/6/20, 6:25 PM - Marquis I had the same experience as you a year ago. Decanted an hour then drank over dinner another 2 hours. Absolutely nothing going on. I do give the regular Dominus 10 years in bottle but the Napanook is suppose to be designed to drink early. I also have 5 more bottles. At this point I probably will hold till 2023 but I will not be buying anymore Napanook as I don't want to cellar a $65 bottle for 8 years.

  • flwinos commented:

    9/11/20, 5:50 PM - For what its worth, my experience is the same as Oldwines. Decant for 3 hours, and it *should* be much better. I had this in my tasting note from Jan 2020.

  • RayT commented:

    9/12/20, 1:31 PM - flwinos I will definitely give my next bottle a long decant.

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